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FIFO profit's stock sell calculation with LibreOffice Calc

The generalisation of spreadsheets use nowadays sometimes hides the fact that these tools aren’t good enough for every imaginable data manipulation. Sometimes people tweak and twist cells in order to achieve results that are simply beyond the possibilities of a spreadsheet application, no matter how powerful. 1,002 more words


Extracting Geographic Coordinates from Spreadsheet Cells [and Converting THEM]

Geographic coordinates are numbers used to locate elements, objects, places (etc) on the Earth’s surface. Our planet is vertical and horizontally divided in angles, which are called longitude and latitude, respectively. 958 more words


Math 141 Final Mastery Prep Sessions: Early Registration for Weekly Members

Registration is now open for the Math 141 Final Exam Mastery Prep sessions: early-bird pricing is open to weekly members first, but non-weekly members can RSVP and will be assigned spots based on availability (first come, first served). 30 more words



​Can you ever accept that the universe didn’t have a beginning; that it has always existed ?

How could anyone ever know for sure,or prove such an unimaginable notion without having any evidence? 58 more words

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Height responsiveness using calc() CSS

I like to share a small use case of calc() CSS which helped me to achieve height responsiveness.

My use case is as follows

  1. A parent element with some static height.
  2. 299 more words

Análise Estatística no Excel e em planilhas eletrônicas em geral

Prá todos vcs que usam os algoritmos de análise de estatística do Excel:
desde as versões 97 essas funções vêem sendo analisadas por especialistas, e tem sido identificados sérios problemas de estatística nele. 183 more words

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