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Bahamas | Day 9: Meeting Dory

The Bahamas is all about the shallows, the reefs that are just off the beaches. You can literally go snorkeling 10 feet from the beach. The first time I saw the shallows around Paradise Island, I was fascinated by what seemed like dark splotches marring the lighter turquoise of the water. 316 more words

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Blue Aragonite

461 Blue Aragonite is a pale turquoise-blue coloured variety of a calcium carbonate mineral composed of compressed needle-like crystals.  Aragonite is generally formed through physical and biological processes such as precipitation from freshwater and marine environments.  40 more words


Honey Calcite

200 Honey Calcite – 8g & 30x10x15mm – also called Honey Stone, is a colourful variety of Calcite that looks like honey or honeycomb. Calcite is a very common white or colourless mineral consisting of calcium carbonate (with impurities resulting in coloured Calcite). 11 more words


Orange Calcite

078 Orange Calcite from Mexico – 15.2g & 41x26x9mm – Calcite is a white or colourless mineral consisting of calcium carbonate. Minerals and impurities can result in coloured Calcite. 22 more words


DIY: Make your own Chalk using Calcium Carbonate

Chalk has many uses, but not all chalk is the same substance. This guide shows you how to make your own DIY chalk.

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Calcium Carbonate from Oyster Shell Market Size, Share, Analysis, Industry Demand and Forecasts Report From 2017-2022

The Global Calcium Carbonate from Oyster Shell Market Research Report 2017 renders deep perception of the key regional market status of the Proteomics Reagents Industry on a global level that primarily aims the core regions which comprises of continents like Europe, North America, and Asia and the key countries such as United States, Germany, China and Japan. 999 more words


Whiting - not the fish.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the greenhouse was getting very hot on sunny days and I recalled that my Nan used to mix finely ground limestone with water and paint the mixture on the inside of the glass to reflect heat.   473 more words