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Diet Secrets from Celebrity Mums

Pregnancy carries with it much joy and it changes your life forever, for the better. It also carries a few extra pounds and sometimes we do not know how to deal with them. 572 more words


Despite, knowing the amount of Calcium we get from Milk, I used to HATE it!!!!

Until yesterday, when I a dear friend teased me “u write about the importance of breakfast in your blogs and don’t like Milk?” (That was an answer to my complain about the recent leg pain I started noticing after my run) 231 more words


vitamins & minerals that promote restful sleep.

We all know there are foods that help us stay awake. We drink coffee in the morning and eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast! (hopefully – I will be very angry at you if you are reading this and you are a breakfast skipper!!!) But… do we ever think about what to eat before we sleep? 451 more words


Asia Calcium Acetate Market 2016 Industry Insights, Study, Development, Growth, Overview and Demands

The report, titled Calcium Acetate Market 2016, provides a birds-eye view of the Calcium Acetate market in Asia , discussing in detail the definition, structure, elements, classifications, applications, and dynamics of the regional market. 105 more words

Calcium for kid

   Calcium For Kids

Calcium for kids is a fundamental building block for firm, strong and healthy bones. But are we sure enough that our kids get sufficient amount of calcium in their diet. 135 more words

Vital Nutrients - Calcium

Calcium is abundantly present in our bodies and is stored in our bones and teeth where it is distributed through the bloodstream for use by the heart and other organs. 302 more words

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