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Natural Ways To Improve Calcium Levels And Reduce Risk Of Osteoporosis

Our body contains calcium more than any other mineral. It is a very important mineral required by our body in terms of having good health. Requirement of calcium is different in different ages in both men and women. 454 more words

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Ruby in Zoisite

242 Ruby in Zoisite from Tanzania – 12g & 28x20x12mm – Ruby is a precious stone consisting of Corundum in colour varieties varying from deep crimson or purple to pale rose. 17 more words


How To Increase Calcium Levels With Herbal Supplements?

One of the key ingredients which allow the body to function at high level is calcium. Calcium is required by almost every cell and helps in making the bones healthy. 471 more words

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429 Hornblende – 33g & 33x37x14mm – is a dark brown, black, or green mineral consisting of a silicate of Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron, occurring in many igneous and metamorphic rocks.



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By Marcie Bower, Lic.Ac.

If you are into health and nutrition at all, you’ve probably heard about the many nutritional benefits of Kale. 827 more words

Herbal Calcium Supplements For Strong And Healthy Bones

Calcium plays a key role in our mobility and due to poor nutritional choices most of us are suffering from weak bones and calcium deficiency. Don’t fret if calcium deficiency is affecting the quality of your life because the pandemic of calcium deficiency can be cured easily with herbal calcium supplements. 467 more words

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A healthy alternative to Nutella.

All the taste and none the guilt.

I stumbled upon this combo a few days ago and it actually prompted me to think about starting a food blog….because I thought this discovery was too important not to share! 188 more words