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I Love Coffee and My Heart May Too!

Coffee, nature’s pick me up.  At one point in time I was quite addicted to this little caffeinated pleasure.  For a period of time I probably consumed around 12 cups of coffee daily.   345 more words

Good Food

Why Isn't My Hair Growing as Fast?

Vegan beware! The dawn of low Calcium intake is upon us!

If you’re new to the vegan life like I am, you’ve probably noticed a few things, such as you hair and nails, aren’t growing as fast, or are becoming weaker than they once were. 139 more words


Fresh radishes

In the time of the pharaohs, radishes were seen as a valuable food source. workers building the pyramids were paid in garlic, onions and radishes! 84 more words


30 Day Vegan Challenge - Day 15 - Get Calcium Directly from Plants

Cutting Out the Middle Cow and Getting Calcium Directly from the Source

“From a very young age, we have been sold the idea that cow’s milk is an essential and healthful food for humans to consume, lauded for all the calcium it contains”

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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Recipe: Chickpea, Sundried Tomato, Feta and Parsley Salad

Last year, I made a conscious effort to start making lunches to take to work. It’s a simple way for me to stay healthy during the week as having something pre-made means that I’m much more likely to keep on track, not only for lunch, but for the rest of the day. 267 more words



Kenya has an abundance of indigenous vegetables. Our motherland has a rich culture that has the most healthy set of vegetables spread across the different regions in the country. 942 more words


Calcium Alternatives

In a previous post Should You Cut Out Milk? I mentioned that a glass of milk wasn’t necessary for calcium intake and that calcium could be derived from other sources. 164 more words

Lactose Intolerance