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Where do you get your calcium?

Ah, first entry chronicling a worried nutritional expert (aka colleague) which commonly spring up in your life when you don’t follow the meat ‘n dairy eatin’ norm. 322 more words

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Oat Bars

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up is some chocolate. These Dark Chocolate Cherry Oat Bars totally satisfy my chocolate craving. Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. 205 more words


How Dairy Products Can Help You Lose Weight

Many persons rely on Quinoa, Oats and other good sources of Carbs/Fibre to lose weight.

However, Dairy products contain both Protein and Calcium that not only help with bone and muscle mass but with weight loss as well because the by-products of Calcium help to break down fat. 44 more words

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Herbal Calcium Deficiency Treatment To Build Strong Bones Effectively

Calcium is the important mineral used by the human body to stabilize the blood pressure and most importantly for building strong teeth and bones. When there is not enough calcium content in the blood, an individual increases the risk of developing diseases like hypocalcemia, osteopenia and osteoporosis. 453 more words


How To Get Rid Of Calcium Deficiency And Improve Bone Health Naturally?

Calcium is vital for maintaining strength of the bones. It also plays a vital role in nails, muscles, hair and teeth. Calcium is also used for stabilizing blood pressure. 490 more words


Bone Health

So, I mentioned last week that I broke my foot. I actually broke my 5th metatarsal. It is a good thing that my bone didn’t get displaced though. 684 more words