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**Calcium is an important element and ion to the human body. It’s more important than you could think of;its more than a bone formation source. … 456 more words


Choosing the Best Yogurt

There are over 20 brands of yogurt and over 15 flavors, for each brand, to choose from. Talk about a tough decision to make in a matter of minutes, huh? 458 more words

Cannellini Soup

No wonder this long winter 2015 in Melbourne feels unusually cold. They say it is the coldest winter in 25 years, and I say it is long enough to exhaust all ideas for various soups. 150 more words

Healthy Recipe

How much calcium is actually available to your body?

The non-dairy sources of calcium was listed in   https://thescienceoffoods.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/the-non-dairy-…ineral-calcium/ ‎. However, what remains to be seen is how much of calcium from these sources is actually absorbed in our body. 382 more words


Living the Coconut Dream

I normally use Almond Milk to make my porridge each morning when I thought I’d try something new…

Coconut Dream is (as almond milk is) low in fat & easy to digest as it is naturally lactose free. 106 more words


The non-dairy sources of the macromineral calcium

The total mineral content of human body is 4 per cent of our body weight. Calcium contributes to 1.5-2.2 per cent of total body weight. The well known functions of calcium are : bone formation, tooth formation and  growth. 115 more words


Outlines Ecomil Soya Powder with Added Calcium 400g Case

The Daily allowance for women is 1200 milligrams during pregnancy and lactation. Most prenatal vitamins do not contain enough, easy to absorb calcium. . Many doctors now tell new mothers to continue taking their prenatal vitamin for several months after pregnancy. 292 more words