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Raisin makes bones stronger

Raisin makes the bones stronger. Also it is considered as natural choice in place of sugar. It has plenty of calcium. It contains all the elements that milk has.


Good News, Everyone

My adrenal tumor is not producing cortisol, so I’ll have another scan in six months to check on its size, but it’s basically nothing to worry about. 87 more words

Self Improvement

How To Improve Bone Density With Herbal Calcium Supplements?

The skeleton of our body withstands the weight of organs, flesh, and muscles for the entire life. Skeleton is formed using bones. The bones become thin, weak and fragile with growing age, disorders and deficiencies. 479 more words


Are The High Protein Diets Followed by Bodybuilders/Weight Trainers Safe?

Among the “controversial” nutrition practices often criticized in newspapers/magazines and other media articles are the high protein diets followed by bodybuilders, strength athletes, and CrossFit enthusiasts.  2,048 more words

General Health

Nine Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients Important for Better Exercise Performance

By Jerry Del Priore

It’s no secret that good nutrition is vital to good overall health. If you’re an avid exerciser, your nutrition needs go up, with key nutrients playing an important role in making your workout program more effective. 344 more words


Protein, Calcium, Iron, Oh My!

Every time I tell someone I’m plant based, I get a few questions:

  • Are you raising your son Vegan?
  • Why? Don’t you miss cheese?
  • Where do you get your Protein, Calcium, etc.?
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Cá tuyết- nguồn canxi vô giá của đại dương

Cá tuyết, một loài cá ở các vùng nước lạnh và độ sâu gần 900m dưới mực nước biển. Người ta thường tìm thấy ở các khu vực Đại Tây dương và Thái Bình dương. 1,031 more words

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