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Mineral Spotlight: Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that tends to get a bad rap- but in reality it’s calcium supplements that we should be worried about. Real calcium from FOOD that is balanced with other nutrients is essential for health. 201 more words

Build your bones: the importance of Calcium and Vitamin D

It goes without saying that maintaining healthy, strong bones is incredibly important; your bones work hard, for many years, and they need to be well supported nutritionally, so your frame remains strong throughout your life. 936 more words


10 Things That Have Changed On American Food Labels

On May 20th, Michelle Obama formally announced changes to the nutritional label found on packaged foods. The label, which has not been updated in 20 years, was refreshed in order to present clearer information to consumers trying to make informed choices. 777 more words



I guess the first thing that came to mind is either “bones” or “milk”, whenever the word Calcium is mentioned. And yes, that’s correct.

Calcium is  mineral that gives strength to your bones. 323 more words


Calcium Citrate and Phosphate Matters

Medicine often points the finger to high sodium levels as being contributory to heart disease, when in fact the culprit may be low calcium, potassium or magnesium levels.   447 more words


Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs due to calcium deficiency in the human body. Patients with osteoporosis don’t have any symptoms until bone fracture occurs. 353 more words

Calcium Supplements