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Tip of the Week: Weighty Matters

Have you ever eyed a ball of leftover yarn in your stash and wondered, “Do I have enough to make that little ______ (fill in the blank with accessory of your choice) that I’ve been eyeing on Ravelry?” If so, I’m hoping this week’s post will make your knitting life a little bit easier. 502 more words

Tip Of The Week

Three To Calculate (2015)

1. Math problem.
2. Road trip miles.
3. Calories.
Can’t take a backseat-
Regarding a holiday treat.


Open-Source Software Helps Calculate van der Waals Forces Between Molecules ...

Open-Source Software Helps Calculate van der Waals Forces Between Molecules …
The open-source Gecko Hamaker software project and its online spectral database web-service gives other scientists access to these computational approaches and the open-data of the materials. As it was being…

Can my Tesla Model S be charged daily by the Solar on my roof?

Note: I don’t actually own a Tesla Model S and all I really care about is honesty. I want this question answered honestly so that people can stop lying to each other. 342 more words


Headaches, Clothing and Measurements for Day 1

Today did not turn out like I planned. I wanted to take a short walk during lunch and another after work, but it rained. That shouldn’t be enough to stop me. 680 more words


Estimating 2015, 2016 Tax Refunds

You can use a tax calculator to determine how much you will owe the IRS or how much your tax refund will be. There are various tax calculator apps available to ensure that you know how much you need to pay or what you can expect. 426 more words