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That May came too quickly. I blinked my eyes, April disappeared, and, like the morning after great sex–made for movies, toe-curling sex–the floor felt so cold beneath my feet. 127 more words


Banana I.U. is now live!

It is now official. We brought the site live sooner than we expected, and you can visit us at www.bananaiu.com !

If you’re a fan of the world’s most loved fruit, you should definitely check it out, as you can read interesting facts, calculate your height and weight in bananas, and even play games! 13 more words


Time and Attendance (12/31): Calculating

Time registration workers are grouped to calculation groups. These should (in my opinion) be grouped as low as forman or team leder level. Offcause every user has to have this (also formen and team leaders), so I normally illustrate this as a hierarchy even though it is a flat table. 645 more words

AX 2012

How to Calculate Your Ideal Calorie Intake for Your Goals

First let me be clear: I don’t think you need to count calories or macronutrients in order to lose weight or build muscle. But I do think that understanding calories, macronutrients, and how to manipulate them correctly is very important in achieving weight- or physique-related goals. 775 more words


MS Word-ல் கணக்கு போடுவது எப்படி?

MS Word-ல் கணக்கு போடுவது எப்படி?

MS Word-ல் கணக்கு போடுவது எப்படி?

முதலில் மெனுபாரில் கால்குலேட் கட்டளையைக் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும். இதற்கு 15 more words

தெரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்

Sunday = Tax Day

Oh how I wish today was Sunday Funday for me; instead, I’m laying in bed at home figuring out my taxes. How I love Tax season; it basically means I get all excited for my return only to find out it is not as much as I expected it to be…so much for trying to figure things out early. 79 more words



Pure mathematics is, in a way, the poetry of logical ideas.

-Albert Einstein

A pen, a paper, a calculator

And a set of questions.

How much do you know in no longer  109 more words

365 Days