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OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 - Part 4

In our last post concerning OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 we discussed some more calculations using the main calculator.

We also talked about the two simple fuel blenders, the problems encountered when loading two components of different temperature and density and the shrinkage caused by mixing two components with different densities. 1,307 more words


Figures and letters

Let’s start the month with Sony’s latest puzzle!

Did you solve Sonya’s previous challenges?  Well, there is another one!

We will give you the solution in a few days. 7 more words


OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 - Part 3

In our last post concerning OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 we discussed:

  • Using pressure and thermal expansion coefficient inputs
  • The different oil types
  • Converting between different density units …
  • 2,108 more words

Chess.com Tactics Trainer timer

In chess.com, there is a resource called Tactics Trainer, which allows for users to practice their tactics. In this post, I will be discussing its timer and how it could be modified. 122 more words


DSR vs Installment

Untuk mengetahui berapa banyak lagikah installment bulanan yang kita layak bagi membeli rumah pertama, perlu untuk kita mengetahui DSR maksimum bagi bank yang kita pohon. Mari abam kpop tunjukkan caranya. 48 more words

Cash Study

Beli kondo pada harga 390k dengan cash back 40k. Pegang selama 4 tahun.

Bayar installment bulanan menggunakan duit sewa dan cash back tadi. Bermakna anda tak perlu bayar pun installment bulanan guna duit poket sendiri. 42 more words