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When saving ins't saving

I am constantly looking at how and where I spend my money and deciding whether what I am doing is worth it or not. There needs to be balance between enjoying live but at the same time living well within ones means and achieving ones financial goals. 398 more words


How to Calculate Projector Throw

Most manufacturers specify a maximum throw distance that is the furthest a projector can be from the screen and still achieve a clear picture; beyond this distance, the image blurs or fades. 15 more words

How to Calculate Mortgage Payments for Home

Calculating Mortgage payment will be a herculean task at times. It is mainly because of the fact that so many components go into it when we calculate the mortgage Payments. 19 more words

calculate/culmulate sizes for list of files

echo $(($(find /data/exchange/kgf -exec stat -c %s {} \; | paste -d+ -s)))


Numerical hyperbole 

On days where coefficients become imaginary numbers,

You suspect that deviation is becoming non-standard,

That integration won’t coordinate your thoughts,

And that darling Nernst was potentially a trifle fixated. 68 more words



Understanding forward and back bearings

Taking a forward bearing.

The first compass bearing we need to take at the lake is from our unknown location to our cabin on the far shore. 853 more words