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Numerical hyperbole 

On days where coefficients become imaginary numbers,

You suspect that deviation is becoming non-standard,

That integration won’t coordinate your thoughts,

And that darling Nernst was potentially a trifle fixated. 68 more words



Understanding forward and back bearings

Taking a forward bearing.

The first compass bearing we need to take at the lake is from our unknown location to our cabin on the far shore. 853 more words

Calculate camera angle for tile width/height

import math
def GetIsoCamPitch(w=256,h=128):
 r = float(float(h)/float(w))
 return math.degrees(math.asin(r))
def GetTileSizeFromCameraPitch(a=45,w=0,h=0,ret='r'):
 Get the ratio, w, or h, from camera's pitch a
 If w is provided then h is ignored, vice-versa
 r = math.sin(math.radians(a))
 if 'r' in ret:
 return r
 if 'w' in ret:
 # this assumes that h was provided for
 return 1/r*h
 if 'h' in ret:
 #assumes that w was provided
 return w*r

print GetTileRatioFromCameraPitch(35,w=256,ret='h') 23 more words

Mortgage Calculator to Calculate Tax Savings

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On The Highest Power

It could not be calculated
As much as they tried to

Neither could figure it out.

There were areas and angles

Plus other underlying factors… 27 more words


Weight Watcher's Tips

Almost everyone is looking to drop a few pounds when the new year starts.  We are on board in 2017!   We’re really focusing on eating healthier and getting more exercise in.  245 more words



If we’re all dead there can be no apocalypse

Sounds extreme

Or not

Could there be a better way

Let’s look at the math

The Reaper takes away (-) 466 more words