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AWESOME Online Graphing Calculator

This can be a game changer for students with special needs who struggle with math. The Desmos graphic calculator allows students to interact with math equations through multiple representations. 89 more words


Simon's next own code: Calculator

Since he wrote his first own code last week, Simon has attempted to write a couple more. This morning he came up with a code for a calculator in the p5 web editor (JavaScript).  92 more words


How Accurate is a PPI Claim Calculator?

With a final deadline implemented recently, a fresh wave of people who have yet to claim a PPI refund has started looking into the claims process. 429 more words

Personal Finance

Automating the Windows Desktop Calculator's UI using Winium

Ever since I learned how to use Selenium to automate browsers and web applications a few years back, I’ve wondered from time to time whether I can use the same process or technology to automate Windows desktop applications via its user interface. 285 more words

Software Tester

Algebra 1 Assignment for 3/23

We did some more practice with completing the square tonight. Your homework is the revised version of Lesson 5 of Unit 3 – Stretching Parabolas and More Completing the Square… 151 more words


How to calculate your food intake

The number one topic I get asked about is nutrition. I’ve done what feels like a million diet plans for people. I don’t really charge for them because I take my knowledge for granted.   416 more words