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Build your scientific calculator for the site

Welcome to code your best your tutorials. Today we will see how to build a scientific calculator.

We will build it in three steps:


DIY Coil Winding Machine Counts The Hacky Way

“Wait, was that 423 or 424?” When you’re stuck winding a transformer or coil that has more than a few hundred turns, you’re going to want to spend some time on a winding jig. 123 more words

Tool Hacks

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Are you drinking enough water? Most of us don’t and it is difficult to know how much is enough unless you are able to calculate the right amount for you, personally. 681 more words

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What is the Heat Index and How is it Calculated?

We hear about it often this time of year, but just what is the heat index? It’s a calculation to measure how hot it feels based on the temperature and humidity. 125 more words

Rich Rogers

How to start marking for foundation

This construction video provides detailed guidelines on foundation marking. In the video, the plan of building is given for living room and kitchen room. The center line marking is also provided with 6 numbers of columns. 226 more words