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Electronics Recycling Carbon Footprint Calculator

Have you recycled your electronic waste? Click here to find how your recycling efforts are benefiting the world.


Calculator: Linear Regression

Here is a linear regression calculator:


A runner can use it to map the FIT Treadmill Score to the 10 year mortality risk.


A Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) in R

In my simulation classes, we talk about how to generate random numbers. One of the techniques we talk about is the Linear Congruential Generator (LCG). Starting with a… 693 more words

Six Sigma

Good, free IDE which every programmer must give a try!

Hi guys, it’s me. Today, I am gonna list some of free and good IDE you can use for making your programs. If you think, you know the a better IDE than one listed in the list, … 143 more words


Calculator: Estimated Atmospheric Pressure at Altitude

The following web site has a calculator for estimating atmospheric pressure at altitude:


This site also mentions altitude sickness and training at altitude.


Calculator: Convert Feet to Meters

Here is a web-site that allows the conversion of feet to meters:


A runner cares about altitude.  As altitude increases, the air gets thinner.