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So how do people learn?

Here’s the next in the CALE series.  When designing a learning environment that supports the acquisition of knowledge by all of our students, we need to think about the different ways that people learn.  343 more words


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Calea!!! Iată un termen de o frumusețe și o profunzime lipsite de egal. Atâta vreme cât o să gândim Calea ca un drum, ca o potecă, nu vom face altceva decât să-i răpim din frumusețe și din înțelepciune. 367 more words

Formative experiences

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we all arrive in the classroom with different experiences that are strongly influenced by the conditions in our formative years.  161 more words


Everyday examples contribute to successful learning

Some weeks ago I quoted Adams and Felder who said that the ‘educational role of faculty is not to impart knowledge; but to design learning environments that support…knowledge acquisition’ .  431 more words


Former 'Dr. Who' Actor David Tennant on Portraying a Psychopath in 'Bad Samaritan'

We know him best for playing the Tenth Doctor on the never-ending BBC television series “Dr. Who,” and for playing the sociopathic Kilgrave on Netflix’s “Jessica Jones.” Now in “ 476 more words

Meatless future: "We can choose between spinach and kale"

Massey University ecologist Dr Mike Joy (who says he should be called Dr Doom):

“It’s not a choice. We don’t have a choice. We can choose between spinach and kale, but not animals because we will all starve”

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The Long Dark Road

“Do you know the last time he took a bath?” Careful asked.

I held the phone in my hand and looked at the ceiling. The kitchen light was off, and I was on the floor. 1,948 more words

Teardrop Road