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Dessert Day

It was the day of dessert baking. We made a few different desserts this year. My kids don’t like pie. Is this weird? It is to me, pie is heaven. 89 more words


Oda (slavenskoj) porodici

Jebote kakav li je osećaj kada krajem oktobra ranom zorom sa drugarima sletiš na kazahstansku ravnicu posle više od četiri meseci rada i života u/na (kako ovo lingvisti?) niskoj zemljinoj orbiti… 396 more words

In Serbian

Golden Letter

Golden Letter
Scrawled in ink
Words of the heart
Unable to be erased
Posted, yellow note
For all to read
Declaring proudly
Most genuine love
My golden letter




his black Ernie-headed rag top
fit his 9 lb. 2 oz. buddha body
from first push
exiting his own amniotic
protected placenta shadow
into the fluorescent lit hovel… 81 more words



Let me scoop out your insides
Washing off all the sand
Picking out all the thorns
That rub and chafe
Tearing you apart inside out… 143 more words


Antique Girl

Antique Girl
Cutting away the old
The fake floating down
Falling away to the floor
Leaving me, just me
Whole and here
Nothing further to hide… 54 more words