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Configure Outlook with Google

Google Calendar Sync is a free programming program that gives you a chance to sync the occasions in the default Outlook Calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 with your essential online Google Calendar. 183 more words


Planners: yes!

Okay, this may seem like a ridiculous thing to sit down and write about but it is important.

As a person that is not exactly organized by nature, its clear to me that a good planner is a very useful tool. 353 more words

My Calendar

I work from home and one of the main questions that I get from people is, “So what is your day like, exactly? Do you have trouble staying on task?” 1,122 more words


Time of our lives

Landschlacht, Switzerland: 1 February 2016

I recall with great fondness watching the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland as a boy.

I found it both amusing and thought-provoking, even in my boyhood, the idea of an animal, the White Rabbit, carrying around a pocket watch, scurrying obsessively, muttering: 951 more words

Canada Slim

Week 3.4: Shakespeare's Sonnets

DATES: February 8-12, 2016

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 -Analyze Sonnet 18

-Begin Critical Terms -Review Critical Terms

-Analyze Sonnet 73 -Paraphrase the Romeo & Juliet Prologue in groups -Sonnet Quiz… 43 more words


Calendar: February 2016 (Akagi & Kaga)

Characters Featured:



Characters Bio:

Akagi is depicted has having an openly and cheerfully personality as well as be gluttonous. The flight decks position on her left arm and waist feature a katakana (ka), her identification mark that was painted on the real-life aircraft carrier. 179 more words


My Identity – Body – Communion 3/4

Now, there is no other teaching, at the present time, that stands exclusively and completely on the revelation of I as your being; and it is for this reason that whatever your background, somewhere along about this time, you have got to begin to outgrow it, because now you must begin to see that you are not idea; you are not reflection; you are not manifestation; you are not effect; you’re not image; you’re not reflection. 1,330 more words