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Itadogun Reading 7/24/2016

Itadogun Reading 7/24/2016

This Itadogun IFA says that we will see long life. IFA says that many of us will be traveling soon and that we may encounter perilous situations on our journeys. 242 more words

A paraphrase-evidence of the Revealed Book of the Muslims. Chapter: The Cow.Verse 61.

61- And recollect O children of Israel of the time when ye that is to say your past forefathers said,” O Moses!” blessings of God on him,” we do not have patience for a monotonous food”, which is the Manna and the Quail, “pray again thy Lord for us Who”, by His Power,”issue for us of that which the earth growth as vegetables and cucumber and a kind of cucumber and garlic and onion and black pulse and wheat”, which are produced from the earth, we long for such things and are fed up with the sky-food the Manna and the Quail which gets down; then said,” O! 144 more words

Calendar Samples: Ancient World Cultures (2015)

Calendar Samples: Ancient World Cultures (2015)


Ancient World Culture design sample page of some of the months I included on my calendar.

You’ll find the entire calendar on the link above. 34 more words

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//how to stay organized this semester//

I love organization. I love stationary. The first week of school for me is heaven because I get to write due dates in my blank planner, add things to my calendar, and print out syllabi. 568 more words


A paraphrase-evidence of the Revealed Book of the Muslims. Chapter: The Cow. Verse 60.

60- And recollect the favour when Moses, the blessings of God on him, required water for his people the children of Israel, who had become thirsty by eating the Manna and the Quail then I The Most Royal One said to Moses, blessings of God on him” Smite with thy staff the rock-stone”; by the Power of God The Almighty One it commenced running from that rock-stone the twelve fountains as there were twelve tribes of the Israelites; every tribe discriminated their drinking-place; then God The Almighty One said,” Eat”, the Manna and the Quail, “and drink”, this water, which God The Almighty One has provided you with; and do not go beyond the limits making badness and uproar in cities.


A paraphrase-evidence of the Revealed Book of the Muslims. Chapter:The Cow. Verse 59.

59- Then the unjust caste changed the word which had been recommended that is to say that they had been commanded to say ‘we repent’. They turned this word off in jest and commenced saying a miss-spelled word meaning ‘grain’. 58 more words


A paraphrase- The evidence of the Revealed Book of the Muslims

58- And recollect that time when I, The Most Royal One, said,”Enter this city and eat fruit and favours, and enter through the gate of the city while making prostrate of thankfulness and keep saying we repent” this is to say ‘ forgive the sins’. 36 more words