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Lots of Free Youth and Special Hunts Available Statewide!

Question: I haven’t hunted for pheasant in years but would like to do so and introduce my daughter to the sport. I’ve heard the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) holds special pheasant hunts for new apprentice and returning hunters and that these hunts are paid for with funds generated by the upland game bird stamps that licensed hunters buy.  812 more words

Dog Training with Farm-raised Game Birds?

Question: I have a 16-month-old Brittany pup that I’m training for upland game. I would like to continue to train him until it starts to get too hot. 847 more words


Fore!! Teed Off Golfers Say ... "Scoot Coots!"

Question: I am a golf course superintendent on a municipal course located within the city of Pacific Grove. The front nine of our course is located within the neighborhoods of the city, but the back nine is located within sand dunes along the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay. 799 more words

Ocean Fishing

Crab Hawk Traps

Question: Is the Crab Hawk legal for use in California during open crabbing season? The ads say it is not a trap, and because it opens, crabs would not be damaged should they need to be released. 744 more words

Methods Of Take

Abalone Pearls – Can They Be Legally Bought and Sold?

Question: I saw an abalone pearl for sale on Craig’s List. Is this legal? I always thought no part of the abalone may be bought, sold, traded or bartered when taken under a California sportfishing license. 773 more words


When Screeching Owls Move In ...

Question: We have four owls that have taken up residence in our palm tree in the last two weeks and they are showing no signs of leaving. 762 more words


Are white-tailed deer coming to California?

Question: Will California ever introduce white-tailed deer here? If not, why? If we did we could possibly sell more tags and have a hunt later in the season. 751 more words

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