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Acceptance Testing & Machine Tools Maintenance by Condition

Maintenance 3.0 aims to prevent the systematic maintenance on machine tool equipment, which is decided by hours of operation or for periods of time. It is based on a very logical principle: if it works, do not touch. 5,482 more words


Importance of Calibrations: Innovative, Creative, Total Quality Management and Image

Calibration is defined as “comparison of a measurement standard, or a equipment or computer with a standard of higher accuracy degree, to detect and quantify inaccuracies and report them or delete them by adjustment” ( 358 more words


International team of scientists launches fossil database

Have you ever wondered exactly when a certain group of plants or animals first evolved? This week a ground breaking new resource for scientists will go live, and it is designed to help answer just those kinds of questions. 343 more words





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As an English teacher, this made me weep tears of awestruck joy.

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hot things to say during sex

  • the liberation of roma has begun
  • die templar scum
  • *reaper noise*
  • now youre going to experience the wrath of a god!
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Talk Story Tuesday -- Kids, Stickers, and Numbers

This week has been a little crazy with school (finals) so I apologize to my two or three daily looky-loos for not having much new information. 414 more words

Only Diabetics