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About Least Squares Adjustments Methods In Metrology

A large field of use of least squares refers to the analysis of data series in order to highlight tendencies or laws of behavior that allow modeling the phenomena in a more compact form for their present or future use. 3,430 more words

Uncertainty Estimation (II): Combined & Expanded Uncertainties. Cover Factor kp

5.- Estimation of Combined & Expanded Uncertainty. Cover factor kp

A physical measurement, however simple, has a model associated with the actual process. The physical model is represented by a mathematical model that in many cases implies approximations. 2,289 more words

Uncertainty Estimation (I): GUM Guidelines

Uncertainty of the result of a measurement reflects the lack of exact knowledge of the value of the measurand. The result of a measurement after correction for recognized systematic effects is still only an… 2,185 more words

Hiring mistakes are expensive !

For the past 15 days, we have been experimenting with hiring a cook who can double up as a full time support at home. The first person we hired turned out to be an awesome cook and we were thrilled. 983 more words

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