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Pinnacles National Park

The Piannacles National Park, home of the condor, was born some 23 million years ago when volcanoes erupted. The remains of I, is a unique landscape thought which you can hike; rare talus caves and towering rock spires. 141 more words

Wining (and winning) in Oakland

It’s become a tradition to take a trip to the Bay Area every January, though for one reason or another, I never was able to make it into Oakland. 690 more words


WPC - Silence

Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe, California… Inspired by this week’s challenge – Silence.

“All beauty comes from beautiful blood and a beautiful brain. If the greatnesses are in conjunction in a man or woman it is enough…the fact will prevail through the universe…but the gaggery and gilt of a million years will not prevail. 178 more words


Failed State California: Overtaxed, Overregulated, Overopinionated, and Underhanded

More is never enough for California politicians, as evidenced by our highest-in-the-nation taxes. The once-Golden State of opportunity and innovation ranks 48th in the Tax Foundation’s 2018  779 more words


California’s Affirmative Action for ‘Marijuana Entrepreneurs’

Los Angeles, Oakland and other cities create ‘equity programs’ to help minority ex-cons get into legal pot.

By Jason L. Riley
The Wall Street Journal… 119 more words

Syrah, Alban Vineyards, Patrina, Edna Valley, California, 2013, 15.5% abv, US$50

People often ask me, “What is your favourite red wine?”

Syrah, hands down.

But, not just any old Syrah.  It has to be well made – and this one is. 264 more words


Sessions’s unwise move on marijuana may backfire

Jars of medical marijuana are on display on the counter of Western Caregivers Medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. (Richard Vogel/Associated Press)

By Editorial Board… 567 more words