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Hot Californian Dreams!

Yesterday a friend posted a song that reminded me to my beautiful California. I felt again how much I already miss it. Since I had to let go of my best friend I did not want to go there too soon. 192 more words


Camden National Bank to Acquire Competitor

Yesterday in the state of Maine, Camden National Bank announced it was planning to acquire a competitor, The Bank of Maine. The $135 million price tag will make the new entity the largest locally owned bank in the state. 280 more words

John Jellinek

Tim Cook to Donate His Fortune

The biggest news in philanthropy over the last couple weeks is how the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook will be donating his entire fortune to philanthropic causes. 216 more words

John Jellinek

The Bay Area's Dog Debate

Bay Area dog enthusiasts are up in arms (paws?) over a plan that would greatly reduce the number of sites in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where their pets could roam leash free. 378 more words

Food For Thought

Song of the Day

I just had this song in mind. I remember when I was in California 5 years ago. It was about a week after I released my very first book which made my self-esteem extremely grow. 366 more words


travel anywhere :: monterey, ca is a beautiful place to visit

I find myself in Cali quite frequently, but never had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful coastal town of Monterey – until this month. It’s a sleepy little town full of history and at the same time feels trapped in the past. 446 more words


why you should NEVER travel to California

California… home of the longest beach anybody has ever seen. A state where it takes an hour to get from the beach to the¬†snowy¬†mountains. 385 more words