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Holiday bird: Cedar Waxwing

The cedar waxwing is my December holiday bird.

Although many birds visit our area or migrate through in December, cedar waxwings are stand outs for me. 113 more words

Monterey Bay

Dungeness crabs

During the summer of 2013 I got to know Dungeness crabs very well. (Also see my 2013 post.) For three months, small crabs (about an inch or two across) and crab molts (old shells discarded so the crab can grow) littered the beach I walk regularly. 431 more words

Monterey Bay

Warblers on the move

During my Half Moon Bay birding walk last week, we saw several warblers on the move (always): some fall visitors, some spring visitors, and a few elusive residents. 130 more words

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Half Moon Bay surprise

One of the surprises on my birding walk around Half Moon Bay was this little cutie.

This long-tailed weasel popped out of a hole (squirrel? or gopher?) in the Coastside Trail along a shoreline cliff. 28 more words

California Coastline

Half Moon Bay Coastside 4: How many?

Which of these birds doesn’t belong?
This photo was taken during day 3 of walking the Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail in Pillar Point Harbor (not far from the breakwater in an earlier post). 446 more words

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Half Moon Bay Coastside 3

Yesterday was another long day (7+ miles) and so I’m a bit behind on sorting through my photos. We had sunny skies and very little wind in Pillar Harbor (Princeton-by-the-Sea), and so the shorebird sightings were varied. 84 more words

California Coastline

Half Moon Bay Coastside 2

How many different bird species can you find in this photo?

This is the breakwater at the Pillar Point Harbor. I’ve counted 8 so far, but I think I’ll find more when I look at it on a larger screen back home. 35 more words

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