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totem pole

I’m fascinated by places like Desert Center in the Colorado Desert of southern California. It’s like a town where the daily life just suddenly vanished one day years ago. 61 more words



This is Elaine. She’s lived here in the desert for over three years now. Full time. Wonder of wonders, she wants to be with me and be a part of my life. 26 more words


more desert roads

The Colorado River aqueduct runs right along the southern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park here by Chiriaco Summit, and the Metropolitan Water Company road runs alongside it. 51 more words


palm -- indio ca

Palm tree in Indio, California. On a recent trip to town I had a few minutes to wait while my friend was getting her hair cut, so I wandered around to see what I could find. 16 more words



Old cafe sign at Chiriaco Summit, California.


Desert Memories

There is nothing spectacular about this shot, but I just liked the couple hugging, another walking, and the lone photographer. (Gee, I wonder who that photographer might be?!)

Desert Canyon Walkers, 3.30.16