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Desert Memories

There is nothing spectacular about this shot, but I just liked the couple hugging, another walking, and the lone photographer. (Gee, I wonder who that photographer might be?!)

Desert Canyon Walkers, 3.30.16

It is said that 'God is in the details'.

Probably most people travel to take in the ‘awe-inspiring view’, the grand image. Half dome in Yosemite for example, or the geysers at Yellowstone. I like those kind of images too, have done a few. 478 more words

Road Trips American West

I Am of the Desert--dVerse Poetics

I Am of the Desert

I am of the desert.
The hunger of coyote howls in my bones.
My spirit knows the parched,
the arid earth. 83 more words


Desert Days Waning--dVerse OLN

Desert Days Waning
a Haibun

Winds batter our desert, stirring up water on the pond. Clouds hang over the mountain, try to decide whether to move on in and bless the valley with rain or to continue their teasing ways. 154 more words


Desert Patterns

I’ve not had much time to peruse my desert photography aside from looking at the flowers. I’m posting this as a first non-flora photo since I plan on posting a non-desert goodnight flower tonight.

Desert Patterns, 3.30.16