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Not just any museum: Coachella Valley History Museum

It’s okay to admit it. You may not be a museum lover. I shy away from some types of museums, but I do enjoy history museums. 334 more words

Fun With A Camera

In search of water: Thousand Palms Coachella Valley Preserve

Looking for a certain Oasis can be daunting. We came close one day, but didn’t find the bubbly spring or the San Andreas fault line. 322 more words

The Joshua Tree Lifecycle: Many Years Growing

JUST BEFORE THE RAINS CAME this late October, I found myself completing a series of paintings I have been occupied with creating during the past three years. 1,214 more words


Seeking Redemption at Salvation Mountain

I’m not a religious person. I did some time in Sunday school, learning about Jesus and Moses and the rest of his crew. But to me it all seemed like a fairy tale, folklore that had somehow survived for centuries, interpreted differently all over the world. 469 more words

Mojave Desert

Desert Memories

There is nothing spectacular about this shot, but I just liked the couple hugging, another walking, and the lone photographer. (Gee, I wonder who that photographer might be?!)

Desert Canyon Walkers, 3.30.16