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abandoned gas pumps

The old gas pumps at the abandoned cafe/gas station in Desert Center, California still stand. They’ve been unused for a long time now — the price on the red pump is 35.9 cents…


The Joshua Tree Lifecycle: Many Years Growing

JUST BEFORE THE RAINS CAME this late October, I found myself completing a series of paintings I have been occupied with creating during the past three years. 1,214 more words



Old caboose in Desert Center, California.



Desert Center here in the low desert of California is one of those forgotten places that time seems to have passed by. The town is abandoned except for the post office, yet the cafe and market still have the furnishings intact right down to the coolers and salt shakers. 47 more words


Seeking Redemption at Salvation Mountain

I’m not a religious person. I did some time in Sunday school, learning about Jesus and Moses and the rest of his crew. But to me it all seemed like a fairy tale, folklore that had somehow survived for centuries, interpreted differently all over the world. 469 more words

Mojave Desert

totem pole

I’m fascinated by places like Desert Center in the Colorado Desert of southern California. It’s like a town where the daily life just suddenly vanished one day years ago. 61 more words



This is Elaine. She’s lived here in the desert for over three years now. Full time. Wonder of wonders, she wants to be with me and be a part of my life. 26 more words