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California Dreaming: Laurel & Hardy

Jan Berry was back from Dead Man’s Curve.

At least, he was part of the way back.

Jan was, if not an actual psychopath (a diagnosis it would be improper to give without knowing him personally, but which is not implausible), certainly an incredibly impulsive, thrill-seeking personality. 1,339 more words


California Dreaming: Daddy's Song

The Monkees were at a crossroads in their career.

The second series of their TV show had been just as popular as the first, but as with the records, they’d wanted more control, and so by the last episode Micky Dolenz had been writing and directing, they’d brought in several of their LA scene friends (notably Frank Zappa and Tim Buckley) to appear on the show, and the series had become notably more psychedelic and satirical. 985 more words

Mavericks Beach

Mavericks beach at low tide on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 7 more words


What Sets You Free?

Our struggle(s) are a blessed curse. A simple depth into life’s beautiful disaster of a lesson in balance and unity.
What are the struggle(s) that pressure you? 373 more words

Define Yourself

California Dreaming: On The Road Again

By 1968, a lot of people were getting sick of progress and psychedelia. The music they’d grown up with was straightforward blues, R&B, and rock and roll, and there was no need in their mind for all the mellotrons, harpsichords, and songs about incense and flowers, when you could have straight-ahead no-nonsense boogie. 852 more words

California Dreaming: Hickory Wind

The Byrds were in a tight spot. In a matter of months, the band had gone from being a quartet to being a duo. They’d lost David Crosby, who had been arguably their best harmony singer and who had written much of the original material on the band’s recent albums, and Michael Clarke had also left. 1,156 more words

California Dreaming: You Know I've Found A Way

After the minor success of My World Fell Down, Gary Usher wanted to repeat the formula, and recorded a song titled Hotel Indiscreet which had much the same feel. 1,016 more words