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My Darling

Not knowing what lies ahead can be frightening! What are we fighting for or should we ask for who? Do we choose the path of others or continue to commit.  208 more words

Styling Love

Entering my room close to midnight, my sister commands ‘you are not an old lady, you need to go out and meet people. You still have that village woman mentality. 266 more words

California Dreaming: Clinton sees big win, Sanders an upset

LOS ANGELES (AP) — With the primary season’s biggest prize in play, Hillary Clinton has fashioned a strategy to reprise her 2008 victory in California when she defeated Barack Obama by running up big margins with Hispanics and women. 720 more words

Daily News

California Dreaming 

Sipping cherry cola Hanging on the hammock in the tree

Palms swaying in the wind

Chimes ringing sad and sweet

Dogs sitting in the sun… 86 more words

Back Seat

Coming back to the USA has been complete culture shock. Sounds strange given that I grew up on the east coast in Baltimore, Maryland. Though this time everything was so sudden and the situation reactive. 444 more words

California Dreaming

With these past few days being gloomy, rainy and cold, one can only dream of the warm California sun miles and miles away. After eating our hearts away two weeks ago on spring break, my friends and I at the home of “Spring Chicks,” decided to whip up a healthy and light meal on our Wednesday night! 349 more words