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California Dreaming: The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes

You may have noticed something about this book. There are very few women mentioned.

And this is even after I have made a conscious effort to redress the balance, because I wanted to recognise the efforts of as many women in this book as possible. 912 more words

California Dreaming TRIP A MONTH May 2015 part 3

I left LA and headed north, stopping in Cloverdale to stay with some good friends, who fed me artichokes from their garden, and we drank wine they had made. 738 more words


San Mateo Morning

Yesterday I woke up in Long Beach, Calofornia, in a different bed, a different home, and a different family from the one I had gotten used to the past two weeks. 70 more words

Sound Spirit

When I close my eyes

Sometimes, when I close my eyes

I’m back in California

A younger man, who takes off his rollerblades

Happily exhausted, after a day on the special, 264 more words

California Dreaming: You And I

Davy Jones invented grunge.

Even before Peter Tork left the Monkees in late 1968, the writing was on the wall for the band. The hits were drying up, the TV show was gone, and most of the band members were twitchy to get out of their contract and get on with the solo success they were sure was coming. 856 more words

To Begin, A Summer Playlist.

A sunny mix of moods and genres and old and new and cool and uncool. What I would listen to while driving to the beach to spend the day rollerblading, swimming, and picnicking. 220 more words


My First USA Run

Now I know why running is so popular here in the USA, and not for the medals and loot bags in the races.

It was already 6:30am when I stepped out the door. 106 more words

Sound Spirit