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California Dreaming.....Flash back to San Diego 2011

this was on my old blog….needs to be on my new one :)  Leaving snowy Maryland while I’m California dreaming :) 9,672 more words


California Dreaming: Triad

The Byrds were clearly splitting up.

There was a three-way split in the band, as summer 1967 reached its peak. On one side was David Crosby, who believed himself the real talent in the band. 1,371 more words

Terry's "California Dreaming"

Terry Richardson is no stranger to provocative images, and so now he has uploaded on his site a preview of his 100-page “California Dreaming” Playboy February special. 32 more words


California Dreaming: 1941

Harry Nilsson’s time working with Phil Spector seemed to have been even less useful to him than Van Dyke Parks’ time with Brian Wilson — at least Heroes & Villains had been released as a single, while none of Nilsson’s collaborations with Spector had been heard outside the recording studios. 1,472 more words

California Dreaming: Vine Street

Van Dyke Parks’ big break had broken. The album on which he had been collaborating with Brian Wilson, Smile, had fallen apart, and Heroes & Villains… 1,436 more words


It’s “Sun-on-your-face, California Dreaming” time on another snowy, cold East Coast weekend…


California Dreaming: Expecting To Fly

Since I’m talking about maybe doing an audio version of this blog if my Patreon gets enough people, I thought I’d try with this post, so you can hear me reading this… 1,008 more words