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Interview with A Street BMXer

Becoming a professional BMX biker (BMXer), losing your sight and running from gunfire – I’m told that this is the childhood dream of all wannabe BMXers!!… yeh it’s the first we’ve heard about that one too. 76 more words


The 'Real' California Games

Does anyone remember this 90’s Nintendo game or am I the only one? As a young child I would play California Games at my friend’s house, always choosing the ‘skating’ option over other cool examples of Californian life such as half-pipe, volleyball, dirt biking, haky sack and surfing. 875 more words


New Episode! There was this World Cup thing, or so we heard...


So, we have a new episode where we talk about sports because, well, it seemed relevant at the time. ¬†Basically, because we’re dorks, we talk about sports movies and video games. ¬† 29 more words

Podcast Episode