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Three good reasons to draw

I heard a friend recently say that there was no good reason to draw with a pen when there are apps for that. But since I was born in the previous century, and grew up around lots of pens, pencils, and paper, I have a special love for these tactile objects. 132 more words

In the Garden; Celebrating Fall and Planning for Spring

I love this time of year. The days are short and the light bends low around the earth. We reap the final rewards of the season and hopefully take a moment to celebrate while, maybe, thinking how we might do it differently when we have the chance to do it again – and usually, in the garden, we do. 1,059 more words

Edible Garden

Asides . . .

Sometimes a thought or a photo strikes me.
Not enough for a full blog, but sticks in my head.
I think, wonder and philosophize.  So much to ponder in nature. 109 more words

Mackintosh and Poppies

The watercolor roses of Charles Rennie Mackintosh delight the eye and tickle the fancy. His are not weak flowers, but sturdy and elegant — much like our brilliant orange California Poppies. 97 more words



Bee-watching is a wonderful distraction from the stresses of life. I can definitely recommend it for a warm, sunny afternoon as spring turns to summer. 165 more words


Paths and Parks, Poppies and Panoramas

In May, I spent a few weeks of holiday back in Sonoma County. As ever, I spent as much time as I could on the bike trails and in the parks. 133 more words


A writing retreat

Trying to jumpstart my summer writing, Matt packed me off for a few days with a big pile of books so I could make as big a mess I wanted, stay up writing as late as I wanted, and eat as crappily as I wanted. 156 more words