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Do Yourself A Favor -- Read This Before Cocktail Hour

By Elizabeth Speth

This won’t take long.

I was at the grocery store today, wandering listlessly through the produce aisle.  I saw masses of dusky purple winter grapes.   273 more words

Elizabeth Speth

Local Organic Tomato Pizza

Your Labor Day picnic is just around the corner, and I’m right there with you when I hear you say you’re not in the mood for a greasy burger on the grill or a fake-meat carcinogenic hot dog. 224 more words


Tangerines to Kumquats: Leaving Winter Behind

As those of you have been by our South End store during the past few weeks may have noticed, despite the slow drag as spring gradually gains ground in the battle to wrest our weather from winter’s claws, we have been fortunate to have a bit of sunshine gracing our shelves. 359 more words

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Attorney General Targets Stores Over Water Price Gouging...You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

We’re all familiar with the water contamination tragedy that struck West Virginia late last year.  After all, it was headline news week after week.  Those poor people will experience their own… 534 more words


Very possibly the world's most beautiful vegetable

I was looking for something cool to put into Caitlyn’s lunch while she was at music camp and this amazingly beautiful veggie was just sitting there, on the top shelf at Community Market. 25 more words

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