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The Irony of California Quail Wisdom

Beautiful quail, looking out at the world.

What doe he see?

Not the world!

Nature Photography

What Graffiti Artists Look Like In Their Native Environment

They look like this California Quail, quailizing a deer fence on a vineyard. Graffiti artists treat the inorganic streets organically in the same way to humanize it. 83 more words


California Quail

There are many different kinds of quail in the world–Old World, New World; some are native, others introduced.  Some species are thriving, others are threatened, some are farm-raised, or artificially stocked for game hunting.  439 more words


a shake

CA Quail tracks / Yolo County CA

Little bundles of fluff

Last week at Tawharanui I found myself in the middle of a family of young pheasant chicks and their somewhat displeased mother. The one in the photo nearly got trodden on but ran off happily after its photo was taken. 114 more words

Poultry Date Night

Happy to report that the quail are still visiting the front yard since the big remodeling project.

I’ve been putting seeds in the chicken planter.  I expect the quail and other birds will also like it when we plant wildflower seeds this week/


2015 Nov 4 - quail

California quail / Sonoma  County CA