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My birding and bird-feeding friend, Marieannette McCabe, has a covey of quail residing in the thicket outside her door near Ashland.  She has deliberately kept the blackberry thicket in place to shelter “her covey.”  And I happen to know she does occasionally provide food, so the quail take her presence for granted, not panicking when she comes to the window. 30 more words


Quail Mail

This morning a quail was keeping watch from my neighbor’s mail box for a good reason–its family is camping in our front yard.


Quail Alarm...

Took this shot of a quail on my neighbor’s roof yesterday morning. I thought an animal was in pain, but no, it was a quail sending out an alarm to its chicks.


It's Still Junuary

June 29

The day before yesterday, we got our second glimpse of Mount Ranier in the two weeks we’ve been here.  We didn’t even think about being able to see it from here until it suddenly popped up one day. 248 more words

We Have Baby's

Newly hatched California Quail in our back yard at Brookdale in Boise, Idaho. 25 more words

Little Quail Climbing Everest

A clutch of a dozen quail eggs hatched this morning, and I surprised the chicks and their parents at the bottom of some rocks put in to eliminate life from a small part of the planet and called landscaping. 29 more words

Nature Photography

A California Quail--in our back yard?

We entertained a very unlikely visitor today. Actually, he entertained us.

I need to set this up a bit.

Our neighborhood, with many large trees and a lush golf course, is quite “green” compared to much of what surrounds us. 348 more words