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About Me...

My name is Ryan Beaton and I ma a junior at CSUSM. The reason why I am taking this class is to further my knowledge of photography and explore my artistic techniques. 123 more words

A Few Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have random thoughts, and make odd observations. You do too. You know you do. You’ll be in line at the drive thru or trimming the shrubs along the edge of the driveway, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you’ll find yourself wondering why they call something you park on a “driveway.” I have these kinds of thoughts all the time; so much so that every so often, I have to let them out. 807 more words


Don Bartletti

Last Tuesday, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a special event featuring the work of LA Times photo journalist Don Bartletti. Mr. Bartletti was discussing his recent piece, “Product of Mexico”, which was featured as a four part story in the Times. 36 more words

A Promise On Steroids?

Back in November, at PromiseNet in New Haven, San Marcos Unified Schools Superintendent Kevin Holt served as a panelist for a session called “The Promise Is Not The Beginning,” focusing on the required pre-conditions to start a Promise program. 216 more words


SWAT team responds to college staff member carrying umbrella

This is from Guns.com.

The anti gun hysteria in Kalifornia is moronic.

This teacher could have been killed by a trigger happy SWAT team member. 411 more words