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California License Plate Stickers, Correct Colors for the YOM Program

Correct colors for the old California dmv registration stickers & decals

Here is another (hopefully) helpful hint if you are applying for the YOM registration program: 313 more words

California License Plates

Old California Stickers for YOM License Plates: Our Grading System

If you need a YOM sticker for your California license plates, we have many for sale.

On our two webstores (see our Quick Links to the right, just under the orange RSS icon), we always try to have a variety of authentic old dmv stickers (sometimes called registration decals) for you to choose from. 219 more words

California License Plates

California Stickers for YOM License Plates, We Have Them!

Looking for an authentic old California license plate sticker for your Year of Manufacture plates?

If the dmv said you needed an old year sticker (sometimes called a registration decal) for your California YOM license plates, and you weren’t sure where to start looking, we have them! 191 more words

California License Plates

Year of Manufacture (YOM) Program Information

We get many phone calls from our California customers about the Year of Manufacture Program (YOM).

Basically, you need a clear pair of vintage California license plates AND a year sticker (or metal year tab) that match up with the model year of your vehicle.  274 more words

California License Plates

Classic California License Plates & Stickers: Welcome Note

Vintage California license plates, old California stickers, decals, metal year tabs, frames, and novelty plates. We have old Florida license plates, too!

We have two different websites where you can view pictures, descriptions, and purchase California vintage license plates, stickers, decals, and tabs (see our QUICK LINKS section just to the right of our logo, under the orange RSS icon). 128 more words

California License Plates