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More California Companies Hearing ‘Move to Our State’ Pitches

This proves that for every action there is a reaction: New measures by Gov. Jerry Brown and the California legislature that have worsened our business environment have boosted efforts by other states to recruit California companies to their friendlier locations. 1,689 more words

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Los Angeles KTTV Editorial - 'California Losing Companies & Jobs'

Now here is an editorial that gets to the point about California’s business departures, saying, “Governor Brown: Your attitude needs to change…. Creating a climate that is business friendly should come from the top and be a priority.” 170 more words

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Case Study: How Politicians Like Sen. Connie Leyva Motivate Companies to Leave California

Manufacturing is the number one industry in California to pack up and move to states considered to be friendly to business. Since such losses are happening more frequently, let’s take a look at the record of a politician from a district that will soon lose a major employer. 839 more words

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KFI Audio Clip: Leaving California, Leaving San Francisco, Minimum Wage & More

Yours truly appeared on the ‘John & Ken’ show on KFI Radio, Los Angeles, regarding companies continuing to leave California, why so many people want to move out of San Francisco, and the hidden costs of the state’s new minimum wage. 452 more words

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New Option for Companies Wanting to Leave Unfriendly States Like California

As the business environment in California continues to deteriorate because of the onslaught of new regulations and taxes, I’ve established a new program for business owners to help them determine whether to stay or move out of the state. 573 more words

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California Legislature Considers More Business-Bashing, Job-Killing Bills

As each year passes the California legislature introduces and often enacts increasingly severe measures that damage the state’s business climate.

We need only look at the newest summary of legislation that the California Chamber of Commerce issued yesterday. 1,343 more words

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How Family-Owned Companies Can Decide ‘Should We Stay or Should We Go?’

Warren Buffett is reported to have said, “Never test the depth of the water with both feet.”

Such caution is respected by families that own businesses, especially when they consider a new location for expansion, relocation or consolidation purposes. 1,025 more words

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