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Ocular Trauma

What if all the mirrors have been lying to us?

They conspired for our destruction via vulnerable self-esteem

What if they need to be adored like the image they reflect? 56 more words


After the massacre

Compassion needs some distance. In the proximate space of reactivity, the now of the deep hurt that is ever erupting and resonating in random bursts of shame or sadness, of anger and rage, it this place it is impossible to be compassionate. 214 more words

A Conversation With Time

My Dearest, Time

What time is it?

Adventure Time.

Time to get a watch.

The time is 160 more words


Best of 2017 – More great sounds (2) - Call And Response Records year in review

Among the top releases of 2017, I always avoid writing about anything on my own Call And Response label for obvious reasons. For equally obvious reasons, the music Call And Response puts out is also always among my favourite new music of the year (otherwise why would I go to the trouble of putting it out?) so I’m giving the label a page of its own to run through what was a very busy year in new releases: 666 more words


I Say Ooh You Say Aah

I Say Ooh, You Say Aah
John Kane
Templar Publishing

Ooh, aah, you’re really going to have some fun with this one; it’s a very bossy book – John Kane’s first – that keeps on telling you to do things. 168 more words

Picture Books

People I Hate #347 (In A Series)

Who: The call-and-response DJ.

Why: You’re at a prom or wedding or some such social gathering and the chuckster spinning tunes decides to let loose one of those “When I say A, you say B!” chants to get the crowd worked up but what he’s really done is unsheathed the last of the lame-ass arrows in the piss-poor quiver that is his disc jockey arsenal, making the disturbingly lackluster chicken dance and any line dancing debacle previously parlayed in hopes of stirring the masses look positively inspired by comparison. 10 more words


Call and Response

   It is rainy, it is beautiful.  I am alone finally, and I am coming to terms with the fact that this is more comfortable to me than being around all the people who look straight down their long noses at me.   393 more words