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I Am the Goddess

(by White Horse Spirit)

I am the goddess
And I am the light

I am the stars
And I am the night

I am the sun… 122 more words


Junk Mail Art: Questions 99 and 88

What kind of fool am I?
here be the head of a dragon
Is this just fantasy?
here be the tail of a snake

Is that all there is? 310 more words


lost at sea (Poem 20160426)

sound the bell, and tell my darlin’
your darlin’ is lost, your darlin’ is lost

weigh the anchor, and string her pearls
her pearls are lost, her pearls are lost… 70 more words


To My Shulammite

To the one I share my evening bed
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine

To be without you fills me with dred… 82 more words


I keep the snapshots

In the silent morning I hum a psalm

and let the honey of sun pour over my eyes.

God’s death rattle is the loudest calm. 196 more words

Spring's anthem

Bluebell carpets grace tree shadows now
Another verse in spring’s anthem

Flowers, earth-sprung, where yesterday saw none
Another verse in spring’s anthem

Bird-trills lullaby evening’s slow-sinking sun… 60 more words


National Poetry Writing Month, Day #26

Today’s napowrimo.net prompt is to write a poem that incorporates a call and response. My poem is more an encounter between me and my inner critic… 196 more words