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Don't be a dick.

I’ve recently been asked my advice on networking. Whilst I hate the idea of networking and I am far from an expert, I gave it some thought and decided that it was a lot simpler than people imagine. 1,040 more words

Nice to haves

Creating an RFP when you have a larger than expected budget is difficult. There is a universe of PBX features out there and I wanted to share my thoughts on what are some nice to haves for a Hosted Unified Communications solution: 96 more words

I'm sure you'll agree with me...

I can’t stand being cold-called.

Rant as below:

I’m not sure what marketers think I do for work but doctors generally need to keep their private cellphone on, in case of actual emergencies, not to sit down and be talked at for several minutes by some chirpy millennial in a call centre interstate that doesn’t know how to calculate a timezone difference.   1,060 more words

Call Centre

25 June 2012 - Redundancy meeting

We had our union meeting today and found out that the company have not given in to some things but have to others. For me it is a plus because although they said no to four weeks pay for every year they are giving a one off payment that is more for me than the extra week would have been. 156 more words

Weight Loss

22 June 2012 - counting the days

It’s pretty damp here this morning. Still, a short day for me as I’m only working until six thirty and I’m feeling very positive after my Dalai Lama encounter so hopefully I won’t feel the next to eat rubbish. 190 more words

Call Centre

The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs

“Welcome to the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. My name is Tracey, how can I help you?”

“Uhh, hi Tracey. I was wondering if I could apply for a conversion?” 181 more words

Flash Fiction

20 June 2012 - Jobs fair

The jobs fair was very positive and gave me lots of interesting ideas. It also meant I went to work in a dress for the first time in living memory. 137 more words

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