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Guru Nanek's Birthday

Our Sikh colleagues at work celebrated the birthday of Guru Nanek today. He’s the guy who founded the Sikh religion in the 1400’s. A man way ahead of his time who tried to get rid of the gender inequality and the caste system in India. 64 more words

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I do the street life

Because there was no place I could go. Funnily enough, the song featuring that line isnt the video tonight, gone back further in time for an old glam rock classic. 741 more words

70's Pop


My company has now decided to have a live stream of director interviews. It’s a great idea. Gives us an idea of what is going on with the company. 140 more words

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Zero hours calling

Shanice McBean reports on the impact of zero hours and agency work on organising call centres

Organising in a call centre was difficult mainly because of the so-called ‘flexibility’ of work. 655 more words


Scotiabank to close 5 offices across Canada; 400 Calgary jobs affected

CALGARY – Hundreds of jobs will be affected as Scotiabank announced plans to close several offices across the country Thursday.

“That means we are taking offices that were here , or maybe in Halifax, and moving them to one central location,” said director of corporate communications Sean Hamilton. 385 more words


12 Things I Learned From Working in A Call Centre for 12 Weeks

  1. If you pretend you know what you’re doing, people will believe you.
  2. Backshift is the worst.
  3. Working the weekend is almost okay but actually not.
  4. 103 more words

Help yourself

How much help is it reasonable to expect from others?

Of course the answer to that depends wholly on context. Family and friends are likely to help out in a crisis, and simple kindness means we might want to offer assistance to anyone struggling on to a bus with a baby buggy, but it seems to me that there are times and places where it is wholly reasonable to expect help and yet none is forthcoming. 1,069 more words