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The horror of call centres

Call centres are the workhouses of the 21st century. They can be grim places of misery where people whose souls have been traded for targets and a few notches up the slippery cock-shaped pole that is progression in these places. 23 more words


Posted Notes- Telephone Banking


We are listening to you,

Assuming you get through,

So you’ll have to wait though.

Time is not enough;

Wonder what they do, 23 more words

Hello, can you hear me...

With the proliferation of Call Centres, I think there are a number of challenges that organizations face:

1. High staff turnovers means that there is little or no incentive to upskill staff. 134 more words


Attrition warfare

I’ve just had a delightful time reducing a poor Indian cold caller to tears. I know she was Indian because her accent gave her away. She was the third person to call me today using exactly the same script (and illegally displaying a CLI that went to ‘number unobtainable’ when I tried to ring back). 714 more words

Grumbles And Gripes

Is there something I should know?

So fine, I survived the training period, and now I get ready to get down to the serious stuff. Well, when I say survived, some might say I did better than that. 518 more words

80's Pop

The Perfect Call Center Worker?

Yes, hard to believe really, that this time next week, after 15 months (forgetting 2 weeks I want to forget), I will be a working woman again. 541 more words

Jean Harlow

"Strangers" over the phone..! Part II

Continued from  “Strangers” over the phone..! PART I

And so the phone rang…!

“hello?,”  said the man probably in his fifties..

The words just flowed out without an iota of expression or luster..   411 more words

Life Can't Be Categorized ..!