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I'm getting paid to teach Indian call centres my accent.

Don’t you love the Indians who call you asking if you have a few minutes to answer some survey questions? I do, because they’re now funding my stay in India. 814 more words


White Collar Sweatshop

Looking through the politics section of one of the secondhand bookshops in Cheltenham yesterday, I found a book entitled White Collar Sweatshop. This was about the highly exploitative and oppressive working conditions for office workers and salaried employees in America. 167 more words


Need eLearning and mLearning?

eLearning should be…

Inviting and visually interesting


Easy to navigate

Fun and interactive


For effective eLearning and mLearning development, request a quote today! 11 more words

The Call Centers of Cork

If you meet a newcomer in Cork today, the appropriate question to ask is ‘Which call centre do you work for?’.

Call centres have sprouted all around Cork. 526 more words


NATO phonetic alphabet

 The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is a universal word database created to make communications consistent no matter what the surrounding circumstances. It is especially useful in cross cultural communication for instance in international business processing/outsourcing companies projects. 211 more words

Customer Service

Moving Seats (Or Musical Chairs)

I have to work a certain amount of Saturdays in the call centre, and the last few months my department has been required to sit at other desks. 195 more words

Call Centres

Fuck spam calls

This is a list of all the phone numbers, texts etc I have blocked to avoid the constant harassment of cold callers and spam phone numbers. 64 more words