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I need to vent a brief spleen. And who better than my helpless readers to vent it on?

One of the reasons I am considered to be so “good with children” that I have the patience of several saints rolled into one. 250 more words


'Working the Phones' Infographic

This month we published Working the Phones by Jamie Woodcock. (See Jamie talking about the process of undercover research in this short video.)

The world of the call centre is one of intensive and oppressive data gathering, with statistics on workers’ performance measured to the second. 20 more words

Trade Unions

The Customer is Always Right


Ever wondered what it’s like in customer services when dealing with awkward customers? The need to remain ever-professional despite extremely testing scenarios and in the face of mounting stupidity? 2,038 more words


"If you have a question please phone our customer service hotline" - or not.

Alex Orlov recently wrote a post for the Limping Chicken in which he bemoaned the total inability of a variety of companies to respond to his requests to text him rather than phone him.  1,244 more words


The horror of call centres

Call centres are the workhouses of the 21st century. They can be grim places of misery where people whose souls have been traded for targets and a few notches up the slippery cock-shaped pole that is progression in these places. 23 more words