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Buying Expensive Items

When buying a large expensive item it’s common place to do your research and you check out all the details of it before buying. You look at the model and what it’s capable of, it’s capacity, what it’s powered by, etc. 194 more words

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Earn Money On A Free Lottery

This is a completely free lottery – it’s paid for by the ads on the site. All you need to do is check the postcodes each day to see if yours is drawn. 91 more words

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Well Christmas and new year celebrations are now over and we are at the start of 2016. I haven’t made any new year resolutions as such, never seems much point as they last a few weeks and then you forget what it was. 220 more words

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We're Closed!

Unfortunately I had to work this Saturday. Right at the end of my shift I had a customer ringing to take out a policy that I don’t deal with. 229 more words

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the irreducibility of interpretation in socio-technical systems

A really interesting example discussed in The New Ruthless Economy, by Simon Head, loc 1398-1407.¬†CasePoint was a system which aimed to remove expertise from the customer-facing service function by turning the call centre operator into an ‘information conduit’. 413 more words

The Intensification Of Work

The 4 Job Interviews You'll Have After Uni

Ah the big wide world, isn’t it wonderful? Out of the gently simmering frying pan of¬†university, into the blistering inferno that is real life. Who knew there were so many weird and wonderful ways to get rejected in the modern work place, eh? 747 more words


Do You Know Your Address?

One of the main things we have problems with at work is customers who don’t know their address. You may think I’m joking but sadly I’m not. 182 more words

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