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A recent customer began to tell me that she had got a new boiler installed but she wasn’t at all happy. She was the homeowner, but whether she had purchased the boiler herself or had it installed under a government scheme I do not know. 164 more words

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Meningitis Vaccine

I heard on the news today that they are trying to come to some kind of monetary deal over the new meningitis vaccine. The drug company, Novartis, say they want £75 for the drug while the government say it should be £5. 376 more words

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Serial Numbers

Most if not all appliances have a serial number. It’s a unique code of letters or numbers, or both, that is added to the appliance when it’s manufactured. 152 more words

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Terms And Conditions

We often send the terms and conditions out with our mailing packs so that customers can read the two page document that gives them full information about a product. 155 more words

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We have to check the eligibility of the property before setting up any insurance policy. One of the questions we ask is: ‘What type of property is it?’ We expect a very simple answer, such as: house, flat, bungalow, park home, etc. 107 more words

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Boiler In The Loft

When we ask for boiler details we often get told the boiler is in the loft. It’s very often pensioners or disabled people who tell us this. 174 more words

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Better busing needed for Windsor call centres looking to hire almost 800 people

Two Windsor call centres want to hire almost 800 people in the next few months but both say the region needs better public transportation to do that. 539 more words