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Call to Arms - Calling All Armchair Generals!

Call to Arms

Ever since the great Spielberg film, Saving Private Ryan, different forms of media, including the game industry, have taken advantage of the popularity a World War II story-line brings to the table. 859 more words


What is "Millennial Fury"?

We grew up during the jet-set, economic boom of the 90s where everybody was doing well–the working class, the middle class, the wealthy–everybody was flourishing. From 1992, my first year of school, all the way through 2005, my last year of high school, our teachers told us that… 574 more words


The Breastplate of Sanity

You may get a million people to march in the streets and chant that 2+2=5.

You may get the highest court to rule that 2+2=5 is now the law of the land. 71 more words

Call To Arms

YOUR Voice Is Needed: Wilmington To Lose $133,000 In State Funding For Kindergarten Program

WILMINGTON, MA — School Committee M.J. Byrnes, the Committee’s Legislative Representative, is encouraging residents to contact Wilmington’s State House delegation to support an override of Governor Baker’s $17.6 million veto of funding for full-day kindergarten, known as “Kindergarten Expansion Grants.”  ( 250 more words


Community Artwork

Every day we ask you to share your artwork with us. A doodle, a sketch, a photograph, a customized instrument, a mashed potato sculpture, anything goes! 64 more words


Kayla C reblogged this on CBU Art Gallery Blog and commented:

This is a reminder about how to share your artwork with the rest of the Cape Breton community as well as people from all over the world!

Call to Arms - Book Marketing Results

Following my Call to Arms, a number of you responded by sharing with me your book marketing experience. I now have about a hundred responses by some fifty authors. 945 more words


An Open Letter to White, Straight, Able-bodied Romance Authors

My esteemed colleagues:

We have a very long way to go.

Most of us say “Diversity in literature is really important,” and/or “I am not racist/ ableist/homophobic,” and/or “ 1,192 more words