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It’s Called “The Point Of A Hundred Diseases”- Here’s What Happens If You Massage It Every Day

The fountain of youth has been long time hiding in the roots of the Japanese culture. The legend says that the whole secret to remaining youthful lies in the stimulation of one body spot. 51 more words

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's Second New Job Is Samurai

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The Stormblood expansion for Square Enix’s MMORPG will introduce a new continent to the game as well as two new character classes. We knew the first was Red Mage and now we know the second: Samurai. 293 more words


Jewish journalist sticks up for Trump after being called a ‘liar’

(JTA) — The Jewish reporter whom President Donald Trump interrupted and accused of lying at a news conference defended Trump’s actions as owing to a misunderstanding. 486 more words

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Near When I Called

I called on your name, Adonai, from the bottom of the pit.  You heard my voice; don’t close your ear at my sighs, at my cries.    27 more words


God can use you, too, a sinner.

Everyone at some point had shown their prejudices against people. We tend to judge them based on what we only know about them, which is only an excerpt of their stories. 474 more words


febuary as called

in its own leaping

and well so stepping

and when it was the part

and solved

and its own coming

and meaning

and theme

and wait… 45 more words


First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia

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First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia

Real-life Fran was a hiker and a dancer. But when Parkinson’s stole her mobility, she discovered a new home inside Second Life. 3,573 more words