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I have been called to proclaim the Gospel from the place where I am, and proclaim where I am from the Gospel. – Pastrix, Nadia Bolz-Weber

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What Are We Supposed To Do?

“Many years ago I asked the Lord why He called me to ministry and He answered me very clearly. He said, “This is how you will worship Me, and bring Me glory..

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The Finnish #Darknet Site Called #Silkkitie

Silkkitie is one of the oldest markets on the darknet, online since 2013. Silkkitie or Valhalla boasts with world-class security for its users and offers some unique features. #Valhalla

confident of this very thing

Dearest one,

He will do it. He will finish what He began.

He redeemed you, and saved you. He called you. He holds you evermore. I am confident, not because of you, but because of… 126 more words


Why did I form Arise?

Point blank. Life if short.

Actually, there is more to the story. Yes, life is short, but if it was that simple of an answer there would be no need to form a ministry such as Arise.  132 more words


A Man Called The Cops On His Wife Because He Found A Cocktail Umbrella In Her Purse And Thought It Was Drugs

In marriage, you occasionally screw up. It’s kind of a given. However, the whole notion of marriage denotes that you attempt to work through problems and overcome them together. 588 more words