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A Waiting Disciple?

16. The shepherds found the baby and then were so happy and excited that they told lots of other people the news.

I always dream of one of the shepherds turning out to be one of Jesus favoured disciples some years later. 77 more words


18 attorneys general ask the FCC to delay net neutrality repeal vote

(Source: www.theverge.com)

In a letter sent to the FCC today, 18 attorneys general from around the country called on the agency to delay tomorrow’s vote on a repeal of net neutrality protections. 281 more words


Homily December 17, 2017 the 3rd Sunday of Advent

Today our gospel again meets John the Baptist. Our gospel this week is from the gospel of John and the first human we meet in this gospel is John the Baptist. 329 more words


Breast Cancer Survivors among Celebrities

It seems sometimes as if only so-called ‘normal’ people have their cancer stories. With breast cancer it is the same, it would be hard for us to name any celebrities who are breast cancer survivors. 37 more words


Editor's Pick: Predestination and Freewill

Can you believe in one and believe in the other too? I believe so. They actually both work together for the glory of God. One is God’s calling and empowerment, and the other is our choice and will-power. 245 more words


Trivia game HQ finally has a competitor called The Q

(Source: www.theverge.com)

It was only a matter of time before HQ Trivia had competitors. The live mobile trivia game show for iOS has skyrocketed in popularity in the four months it’s been around, seeing hundreds of thousands of people log into the twice-daily game to win as much as $10,000. 610 more words


Orlando Florida for Foodies

I called this post Orlando for Foodies because eating will be important on this trip and I want dining experiences that I will find as different from the West Coast or places that I’d find in my home town.  22 more words