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Shodo 5/25/2016

I’ll just apologize right off for the shadow. I don’t have a scanner and I haven’t figured out a good way to get a picture of my work without just holding my phone over it and taking a snapshot. 702 more words


alginate crosses vinyl

Something tells me that my path to proficiency with oil pastels will involve coloring-book-style exercises at first, so I’m unrustifying my pen and ink skills to prepare for making coloring book cards. 13 more words

I Want to Write for You!

Hi there!

So lately I’ve been really enjoying working on my calligraphy.  I’ve {luckly} had several invitations and thank you letters to send recently so I’ve been able to really practice and hone my style.   179 more words

F x S

I had the opportunity to design gift tray tags for the engagement of my favourite distant cousin a while back. The lovely BTB requested for something blue and simple, and I came up with this. 71 more words


* على الحلم أن يرشد الحالمين كما الوحي

محاولة قديمة لصنع خط يحاكي (الفعل) : عامود الهواء المندفع من وسط الحلق لصنع الحاء هو نشأة الحلم، قفزة اللسان الطويلة لصنع اللام هي ماءُ عَرقنا المسكوب أثناء السعي وَإغماضة الشفتين لصنع ميم ممتدة ما هي إلا إطباقنا الطويل على أيادي أحلامنا _____________ محمود درويش*
Art Attack

My core identity: "His."

Calligraphy and design have been a surprising detour for me.  At heart, I still identify as a writer.  But the more I think about it, the more I wonder whether that’s accurate, because at different stages of my life, God has always provided different creative outlets for me to worship Him, express myself, and point to Him. 430 more words

Trusting God