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Does Family Matter?

Is that even the right question?

Maybe it’s the village, right?

BY Frater Bovious

CARROLLTON, Texas — I’ll dispense with defining family, because it does not need defining; 2+2 = 4, no one wants to drive on a bridge where the builders have redefined 2+2 to fit the moment, so we can all just quit pretending that it is up for debate. 268 more words


A Bird in the Hand

Is it worth two in the bush?

Maybe not

BY Frater Bovious

CARROLLTON, Texas — If you offered your dog a biscuit and said “You can have this biscuit right now, or you can wait 15 minutes and I will give you two biscuits,” assuming no prior training, what would your dog do? 718 more words


Talking About Talking

on Productive Discussion


(CARROLLTON-Cradle of Civilization) – A productive conversation can be had arguing from the specific to the universal, or from the universal to the specific (though another step might be involved in that discussion) but very little can happen arguing from the general to the general. 64 more words

Truth & Reality

New Beginnings!

Making the World a Better Place, One Baby at a Time


(UNITED KINGDOM) – I wrote an article for an early edition of the Global Exclaimer (back in 1991, probably right after the Berryman’s Brake Cleaner Kills Wasps Dead issue) titled… 421 more words

Truth & Reality