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Stay the Course-Daily Insights for Growth (1/17/2018)

Read: Mark 3:20-34

There may be those around you, people you love & are close to, who don’t understand your commitment to Christ & the sacrifices you’re willing to make in order to walk in His will. 80 more words

Prayer for January 17

Prayer for January 17: Please pray with me.  God of all, today we come to you in mercy.  We like to think that we are yours, but we act as though you only control the parts that we offer.   106 more words



A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about his life plans. As we talked I was amazed at the clarity he had in terms of what he expected the next 2-5 years to look like. 408 more words


Prepare for Change

Prepare for Change

Why would you have to prepare for change? Can’t you just jump into it? Well, for some that may be the case. But for others, myself included, it’s a process we need to prepare our mind for. 740 more words



Sometimes people think I’ve got it all together.

I don’t.

Sometimes people think I’m always happy.

I’m not.

Sometimes I’m broken. Sometimes I’m scared. Sometimes I feel alone and weary and stressed and doubtful. 501 more words

The Loudest Voice

We live in a world filled with voices and depending on the voice that is loudest, that is what we will hear. Oftentimes, the voice we hear most will actually begin to shape us. 701 more words

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