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For She Will Hide Me

I haven’t written anything particularly ‘introspective’ about vocation in some time… Perhaps it’s the winter, inner and outward hibernation… Waiting… 

I still will not be writing much, so perhaps this is just noticing that there have been new things, surprising changes… Signs of an early spring… They are gentle shoots, fragile new beings, and putting words to them seems too forceful still…  103 more words


Love is Enough

Late 2015 after spending a summer at Cape Cod, MA, I had to again make up my mind on doing long-term stay at Mae Sot, Thailand-Myanmar border district. 490 more words

Voice Interaction

Unless I have known you for a few years I will find it very hard to talk to you voice to voice or face to face. 291 more words


Duck Calling

I hope that the following article will help you to better understand this topic.

Hunting is a sport that many people like participating in. Of the many hunters you will find that duck hunters relish the challenge and skill of acquiring a good day’s hunting in. 10 more words

When Their Success Threatens Yours

You’ve wanted this.

This dream, this job, this opportunity, gig, book deal, acceptance letter, position– whatever it is, you’ve dreamed of it. You’ve prayed… 693 more words


How to recognize your calling

Sometimes people ask me how one can recognize a calling. This little post is a short summary of what I usually share with them when asked this question. 168 more words