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Our "Calling"

Oh, the ever-so-elusive “calling.” I can’t tell you how many articles and books I’ve read, hoping to find the one that will once and for all spell out what it is I’m supposed to do with my life. 890 more words


You Have Called me Higher

“Follow Me” are two simple yet powerful words that I have listened the Lord whisper upon my heart over the past few weeks.

It is something that seems so easy to most, but is actually much deeper than that. 384 more words

Self-Awareness: Called to Become

By Ajung Sojwal

After being ordained a priest in the Episcopal church for ten years now, I am just beginning to understand this extraordinary call from Jesus. 568 more words


Magodo-Mutukwa- a Creativity Feminist!

Catherine Magodo -Mutukwa– was born in the1980s in Mutare but grew up in Harare.She is a Zimbabwean poet/author currently based in South Africa.She has a keen eye for detail, an attribute that makes her a veritable artist and social commentator.In all her writing, she aspires to uplift the morale of women everywhere and to inspire all womenfolk to tell their stories and create others. 553 more words

Creativity And Arts

The Top 6 Reasons Your Neighbors Are Calling For A Pest Control Company

Well, you may or may not need to call a pest control company. Though certain situations make us all wonder, there may be no reason to panic just yet. 53 more words

링크: 루터의 직업 소명론

얼마전 ‘독일과 루터의 유산’ 이라는 포스트를 올린 적이 있다. 마침 한국 루터교 최주훈 목사님께서 루터의 직업 소명론을 자세히 설명해주셨기에 공유한다.

예전에 내가 올렸던 포스트 링크는 여기.

독일과 루터의 유산 (1월 12일자 포스트)

나는 루터의 사상과 독일인의 경제관을 이야기 하면서 beruf와 calling에 대해 언급만 하고 지나갔는데, 목사님께서는 아주 상세히 설명해주신다. 그리고 칼빈주의/자본주의, 루터교/독일식 사회주의의 연관성도 좀더 상세하게 풀어주셨다.

해당 주제에 관심있는 분에게 도움이 될 듯. 내 어설픈 잡담보다 훨씬 낫다.

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Draw and Drive

Understanding approaches slowly, but it arrives all at once.

Since I was a kid, I have had an affinity for certain people who didn’t quite align. 1,092 more words