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I am called.

I’ve been what’s called a fully accredited Methodist Local Preacher for over twenty five years now. This means that I passed my exams, deemed good enough to do it by peers, and passed a verbal grilling during a Local Preachers meeting. 517 more words

The Christian Calling: “Holiness”

INDEPTH   Pg. 2120 The Nelson Study Bible – 1 Peter

Writing to believers in Christ who were experiencing extreme persecution at the hands of pagan culture, Peter advocated holy living. 526 more words


The battle lines have been drawn

Do you feel that you are a woman of strength? Are you powerful? Strong? Equipped? Do you feel prepared to face the battles that may come your way? 800 more words

Experiencing God

Miserando atque eligendo

Pope Francis has chosen the motto “Miserando atque eligendo”, meaning lowly but chosen; literally in Latin ‘by having mercy, by choosing him’. I was reminded at a Lenten Recollection facilitated by another Columban priest that only those who experienced real mercy will also be able to show so much mercy to others. 984 more words


When less than perfect is... perfect!

My travels today took me all over suburbia, from the newest neighborhoods with massive custom homes to the post-World War 2 bungalows. In the outer ‘burbs, there are many places where the agricultural community lives side-by-side with modern amenities. 518 more words



My first Netflix account was a thirty day free trial. It was bliss. For one month, I was able to consume an unrestricted amount of television. 372 more words