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Within Four Walls

Fainting in four walls,

fading into the shadows

of the corners and cobwebs.

I’ve been incarcerated,

outcast and forgotten,

but I kept my visions… 31 more words


The Live Compass

The reasons for reality

and profits of faith

have left me entirely.

The guiding angels

and their divine gold

are luxury but not life. 54 more words


Freedom Found

It was May 22, 2015, when I finally stopped fighting myself. My mind, the guardian of and spokesperson for logic, anticlimactically bowed out of the race. 475 more words

The Baby Question

Remember when you were a senior in high school?  Do you remember the question everyone asked you that year? What are you doing next year?   530 more words


Matthew 5:13-16: Out in the Open

      As we finish the beatitudes we realize that Jesus is telling us what a Christian should look like. As we move on from them in the context of having a be attitude, we realize that we were never supoosed to be private about our faith. 511 more words


Leadership, and Why I Love it

“Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say ‘We have done this ourselves.'”

655 more words

if it's not one thing its a propeller

It was roughly a year ago that I arrived back on the Africa Mercy in Tenerife with the expectation of sailing to Benin in five days.  710 more words