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Keep it Reel: Wreck it Ralph

On the surface of it, Wreck it Ralph is a film about gaming – as seen from the inside. Who knew that ‘retro’ was just a term for being old – but cool with it. 522 more words

Keep It Reel

On Voice and Vocation

I’m fascinated by voice, by the way we find our voices, speaking up and giving voice to our ideas, opinions and emotions. I’m also interested in the ways in which we lose our voices, by the ways we silence ourselves — or find ourselves silenced. 223 more words

Spiritual Journey

Learning how to breathe

“That’s it. That’s your oxygen.”
The statement surprised me.

But not entirely.

Hadn’t I been searching for it? Hadn’t I known all this time?

It’s amazing how long we think we can go without breathing until our world starts to black out. 730 more words


How to Make a Difference by Doing the Same Thing

Do you have lots of days that seem like the same day?

Do you tend to do the same things over and over again?

It is easy to wonder if we are really making a difference, when we do the same things over and over. 331 more words


What You Came For

What do you really really really really want?

Is it clear to you…..?

I mean not the first layer stuff that you keep telling yourself but……, 453 more words

yhc and me

Twice I have been mis-labeled, one as a Berry Viking, and another as a UNG Nighthawk(that was the most triggering). First and foremost, anyone who knows anything about me is that I LOVE MY MOUNTAIN LIONS. 656 more words

Creator Consciousness Everywhere! 🦄

I have always felt deeply connected with the favourite objects I used.

Even as a child……..

The pen I wrote in my journal with was magic. 676 more words