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The unread

I had written poetry for you,

Words you have never seen or heard,

They were all hidden away,

For fear you might dismiss them,

As you do most affections. 244 more words

The Chameleon Effect...

The most amazing thing about a narcissist is their ability to change to suit any relationship. They are similar to chameleons in that they can change on a dime effectively altering who and what they are to blend into any environment for their own self gain. 74 more words


Never be afraid! 

They may try to intimidate you, belittled you and shame you, but remember you truly have all the control…


Unconditionally So

What is it that we want exactly? What is the core of our want? What created it like a flame upon wood? What lit that spark? 273 more words


Hindsight is 20-20 #1 of [a potential] 2

I want to write a note to you.  There might be another one coming after this one, to somebody else, but this one is to you,  892 more words


Praying for the World

It is not Paris we should pray for; it is the world.
It is a world in which Beirut, reeling from bombings
two days before Paris, is not covered in the press. 1,110 more words