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Another runner in the night


That girl and me went swimming down Wilson’s bend

It was hotter’n hell so

I left off fencing the top field and drove into town… 289 more words


Poem: Lackadazed

The sun ups and downs on the regular, shining a light

for all the money men and branded

bandit raiders, near as I can tell, the ones with stopwatches… 80 more words

Andrew Halter

Six word story

No love ever ended in poetry….


Dreams and friends 

There came a point when dreams no longer were best friends of the night;The reasons were obscure and overtly out of sight.

Some thoughts did push the tunnels of callousness and some embraced the judgement errors, 118 more words


Wildfire: Week 19 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with "W"

Just as we were about to finish our dinner tonight, suddenly my daughter exclaimed, “the hill is on fire”.  Her friend, whose house is at the bottom of the hill, had sent a facebook update on the fire. 400 more words

Journey With "W"

How my story began...

I don’t care how long it’s been! One does not simply overcome the effects of such an evil act of violence.