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A sick culture mistakes happiness for selfishness, indifference for callousness; a shallow culture mistakes sternness for meanness, profoundness for depression.

My Aphorisms

Bryony's Doll

Every Saturday evening they
stand in line outside her door
the stud at the front waits his turn
exchanges a bold look with an
exitting daredevil… 246 more words



Those people

with smiles plasterd on their faces,

holding bright plastic yellow umbrellas

on a grey day.

The tears of brokenness

sliding off

unnoticed, unacknowledged.


The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart

Aggrievance II

There was something about her little niece,
That irked her from the start.

Was it her ever smiling face, or the lack of guile? 289 more words


At Least She Found Peace

Caution: I’ve written a poem that’s pure sarcasm and sadly based on a sentiment I hear all too often. If you’d like to read it please join me at my website HERE.


Weather Changes

I moved a million steps away from you, but it took these seconds, into minutes, into hours, days, weeks, and months…  Now I can see from far enough away; distanced enough to hear what it was I had to say that made you feel that way. 97 more words