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Zen Music for Meditation - new oriental vibes

You can download the music on iTunes:

Every time you practice meditation, you can help yourself to focus by using some special music. Today our proposition for you is  171 more words


Make yourself a music therapy today!

Hello again! We have been busy working on our music and you have no idea how much we have done. One piece of this work is in front of your eyes. 118 more words

Massage Music

Oriental Music for Healing & Relaxation

Tranquility Spa Universe wants to present to you one of special collections for healing practices. Healing Touch of Orient can be used for Reiki or self-therapy meditation session. 156 more words


Meditation music for deep spiritual experiences!

Meditation practice should be regular to bring you the best results. Of course, the more you meditate, the more intense the experience is. After a while, you can feel that your mind can go deeper into your inner self every next meditation session. 134 more words


Transmigration of Souls – Meditation of Old Shaman

New release is available on iTunes and Spotify! Transmigration of Souls – Meditation of Old Shaman, Unites of Native Wisdom, Ethnic Music, State of Trance, Tribal Dreaming. 27 more words

Calming nature sounds to take with yourself

Rehegoo Music is our music label. However Rehegoo produces mobile apps as well. In digital stores you can find music apps for IOS and Android. Today we want to present you one of them. 45 more words


25 Quiet Rhythms: Smooth Touch of Elegance

Release Date: May 29, 2017
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: 2017 Rehegoo Music Edition,
Total Length: 1:17:43
Number of Tracks: 25
Genres: Jazz

25 Quiet Rhythms: Smooth Touch of Elegance…

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