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What's Your Point?

“Thank you for letting me share a moment of my life with yours.”

Written by Holly Coop

Image Credit: Pixabay

I don’t think my… 442 more words

Our Breath During Meditation

Any time I have worked on meditation, I have felt incredibly connected with the world. I have only ever done focus meditation, zeroing in on my breath and trying to keep my mind solely on the experience of air moving into and out of my body. 369 more words

The Miracle Of Mindfulness - Thich Nhat Hanh


A poem by Deanna Samuels – 16th February 2019 – 2pm

Stillness, hardly a breeze, not a cloud in the sky
The blueness above penetrated through the skeletal trees… 124 more words


All the Scenarios

None of the scenarios he tested in his mind seemed to take. He was feeling restless and so wondered what he could do to fill his time. 480 more words


How our being speaks to us

Not all talk are meant to be talked, not are relationships are to be ventured into, some doors sure are not a task to open, some challenges we’re able to overcome without breaking a sweat, retaliations if made we most certainly would win, but its about how the outcome speaks to our being.


Retrospection…word feel heavy but it is not.

 Sit in your favorite corner with just yourself. I normally choose be in my balcony mat enjoying the breeze, soft noises of kids playing adding as tickling to your calmer mind. 171 more words


~*~ Westward ~*~ (Haiku)



As the sun sets West

golden hues settling comfort,

birds take to their nest.

BC 2019

Photo Credit: Unsplash ~ Natasha Ong