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So many things boil inside

Like a hot lava inside the pot of your heart

It screeches deep into you

You pray but you feel so far… 561 more words


Good Days VS Bad Days

Good days vs bad days

Good days are like the sunshine. People are happy to see you. Your smile is bright your skin feels warm and your laughing and joking and wanting to socialise. 556 more words

#00260: Silence is Power - 2

If you haven’t already done so, click here to read the first part. It might be related to this post. Or not. Up to you to decide. 1,055 more words

The Journal

#00258: Silence is Power

“I’m not running away from my past. On the contrary, actually, I’m walking towards you with the confidence I’ve been too scared to embrace.

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The Journal

This Night: A Haiku

As I now lay here

The night’s silence calming me

My brain is active


Harbourwalk Poem W048

Harbourwalk Sea Bridge –
Barrier between
Calm and slightly choppy seas



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.

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Affirmations and Summaries

If all that I grasped from Miller and Rollnick’s book was how to do affirmations and summaries , I think my day was well spent! I loved the practice of role playing to summarize and affirm case studies of imaginary clients, and it was totally helpful. 86 more words

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