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Vegan Pea Pesto 

It may be spring but fresh peas are $9.00lb and are probably already turned to starch, so it’s a $2 bag of frozen peas ftw! 227 more words


Be guided

So you think you are rightly-guided?

“A group He (Allah) has guided and a group deserved to be in error; (because) surely they took the devils as protectors and helpers instead of Allah, and think that they are guided.” … 243 more words

The Final Message

Learn to Preserve Inner Peace

Sometimes you might fall into some sin or negligence in word or deed, such as disturbing yourself at anything which happens to you, or murmuring, or listening to murmuring, or falling into some dispute, irritation, curiosity, or suspicion of others, or into any other fault, whether it be one or many falls. 1,269 more words



a breath of fresh air

and the sweet smell of petrichor

enough for a lifetime


Dirt in a pretty box

Doing arrogant, greedy, hurtful, etc. things in beautiful, calm, kind, etc. ways doesn’t negate their badness.

Constant Recovery

I recently wrote about how “The Alabaster Girl” by Zan Perrion helped me discover my desire for a life filled with beauty. Now I want to share another great insight I gained from that book. 421 more words

Personal Growth


I’m still practicing on Photoshop, this time I used different tools to save time. I feel that I made progress in Photoshop and hopefully it will help me in my major project. 20 more words