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Keeping it Real

My new place has a proper fridge with a freezer.  That means (wait for it!)…ice cream!!!

Perusing the frozen dessert aisle at Quality Foods for the first time in months, I was surprised to see that ice cream makers are finally confronting the truth–many people consume an entire tub in one sitting–by reporting calorie counts per tub. 42 more words

Everything, Basically

HealthWatch: Do Calorie Counts Help You Eat Less?

BOSTON (CBS) — More and more food establishments are adding calorie counts to their menus and it may be paying off.

A review published by the Cochrane Library finds that when calorie counts are posted, consumers typically eat 8% fewer calories. 29 more words


Calorie Counting: Fruit

Fruit is a source of a lot of good nutrients however certain pieces can be loaded with sugar and calories. Check out this list of 50 different fruit and their calorie counts to help your smoothies and snacks go a little smoother and lighter. 143 more words