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Senators Pitch Last-Minute Attempt To Exempt Pizza Places From New Menu Labeling Law

On May 5, 2017, new federal regulations finalized three years ago will go into effect that require chain restaurants with 20 or more outlets to post calorie counts on their menus, as well as on food items sold in vending machines and snack bars. 570 more words

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Health Law Sleepers: Six Surprising Health Items That Could Disappear With ACA Repeal

The Affordable Care Act of course affected premiums and insurance purchasing. It guaranteed people with pre-existing conditions could buy health coverage and allowed children to stay on parents’ plans until age 26. 919 more words

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How many have I been eating?!?!?

So I started the dreaded food journal yesterday. I usually do good for a few days then I forget or have a high calorie day and quit. 169 more words

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Half-Irked, Half-Bored

The plan to beat Americans into submission has worked well, which makes it the only thing presently functioning.  Everyone residing in this erstwhile kick-ass nation should be in revolt over how much they’re bossed around.   830 more words

Government Pushes Back Deadline For Restaurant Menu Labeling Again

A law requiring calorie counts to be posted for most food items that people eat outside of their homes was part of the Affordable Care Act, which passed in 2010. 335 more words