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FDA Giving Businesses Another Year To Comply With Rules Requiring Calorie Counts On Menus

Restaurants and other businesses that were living under a deadline to include calorie counts on menus and displays will get a bit of wiggle room to comply with… 276 more words

Level Up: Are you eating enough?

Are you eating enough?

I ask because I know I’m not.  Not at all.  And, I suspect some of you who have started eating “clean” might not either.  683 more words


Salt labeling needed on menus: health pros

Katherine George
Life Reporter

Restaurants should include sodium information alongside calorie counts, say some health groups.

Ontario’s new menu labeling bill may see restaurants add more salt to meals to enhance flavour, according tthe Ontario Sodium Alliance. 321 more words


Facing the Fats

We are living in a super size society where large is the new small and one of the most frequently asked question when we order food is, ‘would you like fries with that?’ 499 more words


Is Binge Eating Harmful?

The holidays are now past, and with their passing, many of us are regretting that second helping of mashed potatoes or the extra slice of pie we sneaked after dinner as a late-night snack. 665 more words

Counting Calories

The American government recently legislated that menus in public places, including restaurants, amusement parks, and movie theaters, need to display caloric information. While some restaurants had already moved to do so, most of those that did were either upscale, healthy eateries, or eateries that were attempting to highlight the “healthy” options on their menus, rather than providing information about each and every entry on the menu. 591 more words

Chain Restaurants To Post Calorie Counts On Drink Menu

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – In recent years, calorie counts have become more present at restaurants.

Now, alcoholic beverages are joining the list.

New menu labeling rules from the Food and Drug Administration will require chain restaurants to list the amount of calories in alcoholic drinks by next November. 58 more words