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Fitzgerald Paints Color and Race: Colorimetry Applied to The Great Gatsby


      F. Scott Fitzgerald’s artful incorporation of color theory in The Great Gatsby (1925) draws upon the racial conceptions in 1920s America. Miscegenation and racial ambiguity burgeoned an upper-class, superior-white American conviction that the mixing of race was a detriment to civilization. 2,060 more words


M5 Specific Heat and Latent Heat Problems and Selected Solutions

Here are a few selected solutions to the worksheet on specific heat and latent heat that you got on Friday. I have not answered all of the questions but the ones that I have not answered are very similar and so follow the same steps.


Me Made May

This year I’m participating in Me Made May (#mmm2016), an online challenge in which the participant wears a homemade article of clothing each day for the month of May and posts about it. 400 more words