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Calorie Detective

By: Nikki Nies

Food establishments that have 20+ locations are required to post food calorie amounts of food offered with the new Obamacare regulations. The idea is that when you know how much you’re eating, you’ll tend to eat less. 293 more words

Nikki Nies

Thermo, kinetics, and equilibria

Is it hot in here?  It’s always hot in here when you’re having fun with thermodynamics!  And kinetics, too, though there’s not really a joke for that. 98 more words

Practice Worksheets

Chemistry Honors - Final Assessment


  • Final Two Class Period Meetings (49 / 50)
  • Final Exam Period


  • Period B – Friday, December 12th
  • Period D – Tuesday, December 16th…
  • 298 more words

Chemistry Honors - Class 46


  • Periods B, D: Tuesday, December 2nd
  • Period G: Wednesday, December 3rd

Energy of Reactions

  • Calorimetry is used to determine DH (kind of like the Peanut Lab)
  • 56 more words

Chemistry Honors - Class 45


  • Period B: Tuesday, November 26th
  • Periods D, G: Monday, December 1st

Recap Problem

  • what are the basic energy concepts?
  • what must be true in order for that to happen?
  • 34 more words

Chemistry Honors - Class 44


  • Periods B, D: Monday, November 24th
  • Period G: Tuesday, November 25th

Lab Submission

  • Questions?
  • Comments?
  • Uncertainties in the lab?
  • Note – there is no further lab work required.
  • 158 more words

AP Chemistry - Classes 39/40/41


  • Thursday, November 13th – Tuesday, November 18th

Laboratory Investigation 12 – Handwarmer Design Challenge

Pre-Lab Assignment (found in Lab Manual)