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Beginners to advanced trainees are often frustrated with their calf development. Nothing is odder looking that someone who can bench press 400 lbs. raw, has 19 inch arms, and a lower leg with no contour between the knee and ankle. 305 more words


Curious Creatures

Cattle are curious creatures, at least ours are. I took a walk down to the pasture in the sunshine yesterday and here is my view. The yearling calves in their pasture stop eating at the round bale and come over to investigate me and my camera. 183 more words


Biting Off More Of The Elephant Than I Can Chew

Wow! What a start to the year!

For those of you who read this,  here is the explanation.

About the middle of last year I had an epiphany. 1,047 more words

Mind And Soul


Gorgeous spring rain, a LOT of it.

Bedraggled babies

Garden washed and growing, land washed, the big soak before the dusty summer, just wait….

But for now we are celebrating wet

The colour will return.


Wind, moon, and a kind of tide

Define this week past?

Ferociously loud, destructive, unfriendly wind. A mighty gale that lasted for days, shaking the house, tearing limbs off trees and scattering anything not secured. 397 more words


A Problem

Baby Bliss here won’t suck. She is not off to a good start, she is the one that needed warming up, I am wondering if she is a bit …well, you know, dopey – brain dead. 122 more words