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Life may not look like what we imagined

But with an open mind it can be the greatest adventure


Patience is a virtue.

So this isn’t exactly a quote but it sure is one heck of a way to seek the greater good perhaps. Oh Calvin! You clever clever boy xD


Time for a Great Cartoon! (victimhood)

My, what a poor view of life Calvin has!  His mind is laser-quick in blaming others, in focusing on his “self-esteem,” at ignoring his teacher’s best advice:  WORK HARDER!  6 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

Time for a Great Cartoon! (entitlement)

How does our culture engender a sense of ENTITLEMENT? This attitude is expressed in various ways: “The world owes me a living!” “I deserve to be happy!” “I have a right to live my life for myself!” 171 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

Time for a Great Cartoon! (no snow - atheist!)

For Calvin, all it takes for him to consider becoming an atheist is for God not to give him snow (so he can miss school). I doubt anyone who has become an atheist (or a Christian, for that matter) has done so out of purely logical considerations. 74 more words

Calvin & Hobbes