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Say 'Yes" to Calvin and Hobbes

As a continuation of the thought behind my prior post…

My daughter learned to read on Calvin & Hobbes so I laughed when I came across this summary of life lessons by this daring duo.   70 more words


"Destruction of Forests"

Calvin & Hobbes
Exploring Calvin & Hobbes
by Bill Watterson & Jenny Robb


Time for a Great Cartoon! (the afterlife)

Don’t you love how Watterson brings up the most critical questions of life (and the afterlife) in his characters?  Several important theological points occur to me from this cartoon: 147 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

Time for a Great Cartoon! (sin nature)

Again Watterson has hit upon a fundamental tenet of biblical Christianity — without meaning to!  Are human beings basically good (as our culture insists) or basically evil (as the Bible indicates)? 125 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes at 30

Thirty years ago this week we first met a boy and his tiger. Time to set more traps with tuna fish sandwiches.

The Wisest 6-Year Old I Know.

Some people I encounter online and in reality need what Calvin is selling.

Time for a Great Cartoon! (unconditional surrender)

Unconditional surrender.  The expression itself conjures up images of defeat and failure.  However, what if the One to whom we give unconditional surrender is the Very Best Master of the Universe, One who loves us with an everlasting love?  108 more words

Calvin & Hobbes