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Resurrecting the Friday Five (or More)

I have a confession to make: I miss the Friday Five.

For those of you relatively new to this space–I used to post a round-up of five interesting things I’d come across that week. 656 more words

Friday Five

Of Kimchi and Colonoscopies

Among my New Year’s resolutions were to get my physical health in order and publish this blog once a month. Mammogram – check. Annual (or, in my case biennial or triennial, but I am turning over a new leaf) physical exam  – check. 1,605 more words


Delicious Detours: Destination Boudin

Traveling the dreaded I-10, from Baton Rouge to Houston, my family knows what to expect: like forcing an elephant through a drinking straw, it often seems the entirety of the Gulf Coastal U.S. 1,522 more words


The naked truth - clothing optional?

 Shelly K in San Francisco shared her latest “Dating at 50+ escapade” Dear Page Larkin,

After six months of great dates, Peter and I concluded we were good for ‘the moment’ however, we had no future.

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Page Larkin Date Guide

Rules of English you can break—or are already breaking

You’ll need some time to read about of few of these rules in this article by Steven Pinker, a linguist who has written several books about language. 145 more words


Reporting on Police Reporters

Edna Buchanan moved to Miami in the 1960’s, and became one of the first female crime reporters for the Miami Herald. She has spent the last few decades creating a name for herself as a writer, novelist and journalist. 558 more words