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God's mercy

I wrote this piece a while ago and didn’t post it. I’ve recently had another attack of what I call ‘bad image of God’ (usually accompanied by bad image of self). 1,002 more words


Does Jesus Really Love Everybody?

I want you all to picture a scenario for a minute, as I begin to describe the event:

A young couple, married for 5 years now, are having a date at a high-end restaurant. 1,013 more words

The Mind/Humanity

William Ellery Channing and the Push Against Calvinism

It goes without saying that one of the fun aspects of research is that you tend to stumble upon things you previously had no sense about. 548 more words


In the movie The Matrix, the protagonist Neo goes to see the Oracle who can see into the future, in order to discover whether he is The One. 1,237 more words


The Gospel According to Paul or MacArthur?

John MacArthur has written a book titled The Gospel According to Paul. A friend of mine was good enough to send me a copy and so I have examined it and found 12 telling quotes from the book. 1,485 more words



After years of discussing this topic with many Calvinistic brothers I have come to this firm conviction…

It is impossible to rightly represent a view with which you disagree to the satisfaction of every opponent. 3,852 more words


Ep 8: Revolution isn't what it used to be with Lambert Zuidervaart

In this episode, Matt and Dean chat about an interview Dean did with legendary Christian critical theorist Lambert Zuidervaart, newly emeritus Senior Member at the… 177 more words