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The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination Chapter XI-Unconditional Election-1-Statement of the Doctrine

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

Chapter XI

Unconditional Election

1. Statement of the Doctrine. 2. Proof from Scripture. 3. Proof from Reason. 4. Faith and Good Works are the Fruits and Proof, not the Basis, of Election. 823 more words


Let's not be spiritually merciless or censure harshly

By Elizabeth Prata

John Owen’s book ‘Indwelling Sin’ is a guide to knowing our enemy, sin. Spiritual pride comes from that place of sin, and Owen’s book talks at length about how to deal with this mortal enemy. 853 more words


A Quick Thought on God Knowing You

One common interpretive tool to attempt to make sense of the predestining grace of God is a heavy reliance on the concept of foreknowledge. Those who would argue that God responds to the future choices of his free creatures in order to determine his decree of predestination have to argue that God, with divine foreknowledge, looks down the corridor of time and sees who will and who will not choose him. 363 more words


Am I better than Dr. James White & Jeff Durbin???

Kwaku beats James White & Jeff Durbin, I beat Kwaku, therefore I can out debate both Jeff Durbin and James White!!! *hands waving* The conversation is closed, no further discussion! 130 more words


A New Soteriology

By Zachary Akin

I aim to show that there is a heretofore unrecognized, but logically possible, soteriological perspective on the market in Christian theology. This new perspective is a variant on Calvinism’s “TULIP” that employs the theological apparatus of Molinism. 1,105 more words


Calvinism and Robots: A Rebuttal to John Frame

Source: https://apolojet.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/calvinism-and-robots/

Summary: Joseph Torres with Kingdomview blog advises that it is common to hear that through belief in Calvinism humans are relegated to the role of being mere robots. 2,078 more words


Is God Outside of Time or Inside of Time? Biblical Answer

Time is understood as duration or sequence of events.

All action takes place in time, as all action has a cause and effect which is a before and an after. 424 more words