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Did Judas Iscariot have to betray Christ?


by Shawn Brasseaux

Was Judas Iscariot treated fairly in the whole “betrayal matter?” Did he have a choice in it at all? 2,047 more words


The God Who Is: Part 1

Tune in for this 4 part series on the God who is. A series that explores the basics of systematic theology. Click here to listen to the first part on the Doctrine of God. 22 more words

Dr. Thomas Schreiner: Biblical Theology

Please follow the link to the following series of lectures by Dr. Thomas Schreiner, titled: An Introduction to Biblical Theology. In these 31 lectures, Dr. Schreiner, will provide define biblical theology, provide an overview of its central themes, discuss the limits and boundaries of biblical theology, and offer a defense of an evangelical scope of biblical theology. 153 more words

Reformed Theology

On Predestination...

I first heard about Calvinism while listening to a sermon by John Piper. From what I had seen before, his sermons seemed theologically sound, as far as I could tell. 4,108 more words

Unlimited vs. Limited Atonement: Which is taught in the Bible?

When Jesus died on the cross was the atonement he gave limited or unlimited? What does the Bible teach? What different views are there? I’m hoping to answer these questions in this post, or at least point readers in the right direction. 1,069 more words

The Heart of Calvinism

The Calvinist is the man who sees God: God in nature, God in history, God in grace.  Everywhere he sees God in His mighty stepping, everywhere he feels the working of His mighty arm, the throbbing of his mighty heart.  1,434 more words


What's the Matter with Calvinists?

This week I was on a conference call with a bunch of fellow faith-and-workers, and one person said that a certain theologian has done a lot of work on vocation “because he’s a Calvinist.” I commented that it would be better to say he’s done a lot of work on vocation in spite of the fact that he’s a Calvinist, because Reformed theologians haven’t actually been much of a presence in the movement. 903 more words

Future Of The Movement