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Ephesians 1: Critique of Calvinist JD Greear

JD Greear represents the type of Calvinism that is rising in the Southern Baptist Convention. Here is a point by point cordial critique of JDs teaching from Ephesians 1: 1,131 more words


Watching Our Language

This past Tuesday, a fellow Reformed Alliance writer Ashton Clark wrote an excellent post on the “Decay of Language in Social Media.” All that he had to say was very true and advantageous. 1,138 more words

Christian Living

Beware of Hyper-Grace: Andrew Farley and Jeremy White

Continuing in this look at “Hyper grace”, let’s consider two pastors and writers that perpetuate the hyper-grace view similar to Joseph Prince. These guys may not be quite as well-known but their teaching has influenced many believers. 2,276 more words


The Wizard of Straw

Sometime ago I wrote a short presentation on an objection to Sola Scriptura and the response given to it. I constructed that presentation to deliberately leave out specific questions and counter objections. 8,944 more words


The Battle For Salvation: A Brief Critique of the Traditionalist's Statement on Salvation 

Recently the Traditionalist sect of the SBC put forth their own statement of faith, contrasting it against the Calvinist sect. As a Calvinists I disagree with the Traditionalist on several points, and most of our differences don’t hinder our relationship too much. 981 more words


How Visible Are God's Invisible Attributes?

This post was originally written in a Facebook group between myself and another member, whom I have given the name “Original Poster” for the sake of their privacy: 1,160 more words


Theology of the Westminster Confession: Perseverance of the Saints

My church is in the middle of an extensive adult Sunday School class.  The topic is the theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF).  The idea is that each teacher will develop a set of slides to aid in presentation and discussion.  77 more words