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Revisiting John 3:16 (pt 2)

See the prologue and Pt 1 to this series.

In the previous post I suggested that we ought to consider Jn 3:16 along the lines of what a Pharisee like Nicodemus would have understood when Jesus said “God so loved the world.” For a guy like Nic that kind of statement would have signified God’s love for all nations since a devout Jew would have had two functional categories–Israel and the nations. 938 more words


Total Depravity, with Apologies - Romans 5:1-11, Day 2

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Today’s Passage: Romans 5:1-11

Let’s just rip off the band-aid: I know at least one of you has no interest in seeing the topic of predestination and free will considered here on Chocolate Book. 610 more words


Interview with Sean Cole: Reformed SBC Pastor and Adjunct Professor

It is with great pleasure that I make available to my reading audience this interview with pastor Sean Cole.  You can listen to Sean’s podcast, Understanding Christianity, and watch his video sermons… 1,972 more words


Watch my video "Calvinism, a doctrine of devils" on YouTube

An obstacle to embracing truth, is to attach one’s identity to an ism. Don’t let these systematic theologies get their hooks into your allegiance my friend. 128 more words


Follow Jesus, Not Man

We live in such a time where many professing Christians would rather follow preachers, teachers, and doctrinal systems that either make God weak or into a sadistic monster instead of following the Lord Jesus Christ and His truth found in the Scriptures.  27 more words

The Injustice of Wealth Inequality and the Abandonment of the American Worker

People come in a wide variety of shapes: beautiful and not-so-beautiful.  There are dramatic differences in charm, as well as beauty.  Some people are gorgeous, and could charm the skin off a snake.  1,817 more words


"my prayers are useless" says Cigar Smoking Calvinist Marcus Pittman | Apologia Studios

Cigar Smoking Calvinist Marcus Pittman just publicly admitted to me that in his Calvinism prayer is utterly “useless.” That’s 100 points for Open Theism! #MarcusPittman #Calvinism #Prayer #OpenTheism… 169 more words