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The Golden Calf of Present Day Christianity

In order to highlight the difference of literal and interpretation with spiritual discernment let me give you a comparison. Remember this quote: “corporations are people(Romney)” and the Bible states  “man is created in the image of God”. 480 more words

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Does God Know the Future?

Does God know the future? This is a question of monumental proportions. It is in this question that we discover whether or not God is worthy of our worship. 820 more words


The 5 Simple Reasons I'm a Calvinist

I am a Calvinist. This means that my soteriology will be disturbing to some and to others it would be worth celebrating over a pint. However, what it means to me is something that I haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in the years prior to me being a Calvinist. 2,252 more words


Monergism versus Synergism: An Orthodox Approach

How much different are Orthodox, Catholics, Calvinists, and Arminians on the issue of monergism versus synergism? The thesis of this video is that historic Christianity, including traditional Calvinism, has affirmed that man works with God to will what is right and likewise man does evil by God’s permissive will. 27 more words


OSC's War on Scripture

After finishing this article I wanted to add a little word of caution (not so little now that I’m done writing it). This article is going to come out heavily against theistic determinism, although for readability I’ll sometimes write Calvinism/Calvinists. 5,786 more words


Marilynne Robinson's Blind Spot

I am currently reading Marilynne Robinson’s most recent essay collection, The Givenness of Things (2015). I bought the collection because I enjoyed her novel Gilead… 672 more words

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Bound and Gagged

For a long time, the basis of “Calvinism” has repeatedly given me pause to consider, “What say, if any, do I have in my salvation?” 1,434 more words