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St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins

The subject of my last blog post was the greatest rock concert I’ve ever been to. This post is all about the greatest jazz gig I’ve ever been to. 286 more words

This Is My Jam

Toll Bridge

Hey everyone! Ive been on a leave for a little bit because of some health issues but I wanted to get on and check all the new stuff out and do a post :D Ive fell in love with the show Once Upon A Time and can’t stop watching it on Netflix. 68 more words

Sub-warp, Calypso to Athena

With the Soc. event over I needed to get to Next Island for Drop Zone’s return journey, I do not as yet know when that will be so I should make an effort to be ready. 58 more words


A little more activity perhaps

Log entry for the 22nd of February 2015.

Monday, my week begins in space, as I’m here I decide to assist in controlling the number of Cosmic Horrors in the Calypso training area, we all have to do our bit, imagine space if we did not, just one big mass of writhing tentacles, you would need more than warp drive to get through that. 350 more words

Log Entries

Warp, Next Island to Calypso, solo.

I needed to return to Calypso for a soc. Beacon Mission and not having much time I warped, the journey was uneventful and on arrival I took the teleporter to the surface as I had no time. 7 more words


Warp, Calypso to Next Island, maximum passengers.

I had been informed by Nocturaline earlier in the week that her Soc. (Drop Zone) wanted to transport quite a few people to Next Island this weekend and after a few conversations the time was scheduled for 1500 today.  136 more words