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a different outlook [148/365]

I have an email account in Outlook.com. That used to be called first Hotmail, then Live.com or even MSN.com at one point. Either way, it’s all old Hotmail most people knew (you can still choose hotmail when you want to sign up there). 353 more words


Blue Daisies and Stripes

This is one of my all time favorite shirts from J. Crew. Of course, it is in my favorite navy blue. I love the daisies. 41 more words

Liberty and Lavender

J. Crew Liberty shirts are hard for me to resist as a I mentioned a few weeks ago in this post.  I love this blue one that just came out last week. 79 more words

Must Hear: Calypso - "Numbered"

“Numbered” is the impressive debut single from a newcomer out of Tasmania who goes by the name Calypso, giving us the first taste of her upcoming… 234 more words


60s Funky!

Kathie Winkle plates
made in England 1963 and 1965

Kathie Winkle started work at Broadhurst & Sons- a major Straffordshire pottery- in 1950 as a painter: by 1958 she was producing her own designs, of which there are now 122… 187 more words


Why not to disregard advice

So it seemed everything was going pretty well. We’d managed to avoid the sirens (thanks Circe), Scylla and Charybdis (thanks again Circe ily bae <3), and then it all went sour, which might be partly my fault… 191 more words

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes I think we box ourselves in to how a paper packet should be used.  For instance the Calypso Paper Packet is paired so nicely in the catalog with flamingos and fruit.   306 more words

4.25 X 5.5 Cards