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Week of September Eleventh 2016

Here is my menu for the upcoming week.  I do not always stick to it, but it is a great planning method to keep on track when sticking to a budget or eating healthy. 102 more words

Weekly Menu

Freezer Meals Volume 2

I love to fix freezer meals. This most recent batch I made in one afternoon in preparation for starting back to school, EEK! In the past, I have made several variations like  270 more words



So you’re doing fine, you’re living your life when suddenly one day as you’re driving back from work you’re suddenly struck with the realization that you hate your job and should quit today and in this realization you lose focus and have a crash–which is terrible because you need to more alert, like seriously. 338 more words

Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Accidental Calzones

What is an accidental calzone you ask? It’s when I don’t use common sense when trying to make a pizza. Let me explain.

I had been craving basil and tomato, and I thought ‘what about a caprese pizza!’ So I got basil pesto, Roma tomatoes and a fresh log of mozzarella. 713 more words


Irisha or Italiano - Marie's Pizza Pie Recipe

Irisha or Italiano – Marie’s Pizza Pie Recipe

This is a quick run though of the pictures for making a pizza pie in Marie’s Kitchen. It took me two hours and adding the comments below the pictures and just as I finished the whole blog, my Word Press/Comcast freaks out and deletes the entire two hours of work. 529 more words