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Building On Company Spirit...

Having been in business for 35 years now, I would like to think that we have a pretty good company “spirit.” In other words, the… 650 more words

General Interest

You don't have to be Michael Phelps, Simone Biles or Usain Bolt to win this Trophy!

The Olympics are fun to watch and admire. In the Hercules Trophy, you want to participate in the fun. Amaze yourself and your teammates at what you can achieve together! 358 more words

Hercules Trophy

Daily Update: August 12, 2016

The writing of this post is beginning at halftime of the Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals game. If it takes as long as my post yesterday took, then I will have the final score of the Raiders @ Cardinals game. 1,372 more words

Opportune Misunderstanding

Below you will read (hopefully) a old face book post which I love dearly. It reminds me of my then little, now younger (he doesn’t like to be referred to as “little”) brother, Angel (yup, we share the name Angel, for me it is my middle name, for him, his first name. 294 more words

Book Review: 'A Tour of Mont Blanc' by David Le Vay

Ever been tempted to trek around Mont Blanc? Sitting majestically in the Western Alps, the mighty Mont Blanc is a mountain I have wanted to climb for a long while. 574 more words

Suicide: Noble or Not?

Recently, I was shocked to hear about my family history from a stranger. This person knew details about my extended family that I barely knew. He knew details about my anatomy related to my heritage that freaked me out. 726 more words

Morbid Curiosity