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We only see what we want to. We only see what we are shown. When mixed together the picture can be so far away from the truth. 168 more words


Playing versus competing: it's no contest

“Security guards to target unruly parents at junior league games”. This is the front page story of a recent edition of Sydney’s Sun-Herald.

Evidently the verbal and physical aggression of parents watching their kids play rugby league in the Penrith district west of Sydney has become a safety issue and is threatening to discourage participation in the “game”. 802 more words


Musings of the day: Half-baked thoughts!

We often see love as a grand scheme of things. Like romance. Some larger-than-life gesture. I mean gestures; one too many. After all, it can’t stop with just one, can it? 603 more words


Laughter Like Trophies

My sister sent a text to the women of our family the other day.  It began with these words:

Laugh with me.

She went on to describe the chaos that ensued about five minutes after her husband left for a business trip. 725 more words

An Ode For Me As Rendered By Passion Through Poetry

This is yet another one of my nominees that’s an absolute delight! I have only known her for a while, but we share a deep and beautiful connection that if I didn’t know any better, I coulda sworn we’ve known each other from times past, in another place and time! 255 more words

Guest Post

Destination Blue Goat...route taken...happiness

 Road trips are the best when taken with kindred spirits.   Down valley via the back roads we go, two generations, camera devices in hand, pulling over where a graveled shoulder allows barely enough room for the car, waving at the farmers passing by.  377 more words