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Stupid, soggy, but smiley

One thing I like about running is that in  lycra, everyone is on an equal playing field.  You can’t tell who has money, who has a high powered job, you can’t even tell who is actually good at running as they might be spritely as they just jogged out of their front door or they might be struggling because they already ran 10km as fast as they ever managed.   439 more words


I Took the Challenge

Life is too short. Try something new.

A fitness challenge group. What can it hurt? Really! In the grand scheme of things, what can it hurt? 328 more words


Improving remote camaraderie with social team chat channel

After reading http://blog.rescuetime.com/2014/05/14/a-little-hack-that-made-our-remote-team-not-feel-so-remote-anymore/ a great idea came to my mind.

Create separate group (team) chat channel just for “social” purpose where the team members shared stories would flow in. 63 more words


And here I am....I think....

So I started this blog as a way to reach out and connect with the thousands (or maybe hundreds?) of women/moms/anxiety ridden Mombies out there. Partially to join this cult-like community of “bloggers”, but more so for the sense of camaraderie that you can get just by reading someone else words and relating to them. 216 more words


Change is coming to the ladies of the circuit

Everyone gets their alternate news somewhere. I get it at the gym.

I go to a “ladies” gym every morning. I’m one of the younger ones… 465 more words


Camaraderie: The Type of Friends You Have in Your 20s

At 23 years old, I’ve come to classify the type of friends I meet that are a lot different from when I was 15. Not that it matters to classify them, but they’re the friends I’d love to spend the rest of my life with. 526 more words


Team RWB Hampton Roads - Running/Volunteerting - Road Rage Summer Slam 5k

Hot – Humid – Rain Threatening – Fabulous Day!
Team RWB

Join up today, chapters are everywhere!

The Eagle Ethos:

The Eagle Ethos is passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community…and Team RWB lives it in action every day. 65 more words

Run - Race - Event Volunteer