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I am looking for somebody

who is into being real and not just for sports

so that we can get together and build pillow forts… 24 more words

A Patient Voice

I watched him crush it… & now I'm crushing it too!

What is a social marketplace? Imagine Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check – Fiverr or Upwork but all industry inclusive on a global platform! 429 more words

Social Impact


A true Nigerian is someone who is constantly insulting his country – apart from when he is conversing with a Ghanaian, a Kenyan or a South African, or any other African for that matter. 111 more words


Engineers Love Circuses Too

Growing up in the outskirts of a sleepy Town, Tyra and her family have had the misfortune of having their house burglarized several times. Once it happened in the middle of the day when her dad was at work, her mother was out on market-day and all the children were in school. 1,172 more words

YA, New Adult, Fiction

Curious but happy being where I am, geographically ...

It’s Friday, it’s the evening and in London’s Docklands I am aware that many friends and acquaintances will be / have been gathered for the TMBETT17 or similarly titled event, then on for a meal where there will be lots of animated talk…. 287 more words


Why I'll try to high-five every runner I pass in 2017

IT was a particularly gloomy January evening when I saw the equally gloomy BBC headline: “One in three women harassed while running, survey finds.” I immediately knew it was time to put my New Year’s resolution into action. 973 more words