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Messiah College: Year One In Review: Part 2

In the last post, I talked more about the academic side of things. This post, I want to talk more about friendships, relationships, and all the times when memories that last a lifetime are made. 911 more words


Lies, injustice, betrayal

Worlds collided through illegal turns.

the wrong flee while the innocent left to burn.

Rage, remorse, shock.

All these robots inhabit this earthly rock. 120 more words

Age Of Information

Why I Ride Harley-Davidson...Who I Want To Ride With...Kristin Beck

There is always a question I ask myself. Who would i want to ride with? I have only rode with one group of people or an individual before. 380 more words


Man Down!

Being a former Marine (we never say Ex- Marine), one of the tenants of our creed is to never leave another Marine behind in battle.  I’m sure you may have heard that before, and usually it’s in the context of “men” in the heat of battle. 469 more words

Christian Living

Puting Bato Bago Biente Uno

Hep hep! My more than 30-days of being officially unemployed has never been full of boredom. Thanks to God and to every individual whose with me in those precious time. 1,017 more words


The Local

Volumes have been filled with stories about the local trains of Bombay. After all, it is the very lifeline of the city, with everyone having travelled by it at some point or another. 359 more words

A novelist and a photographer walk into a theater...

Over the three years I’ve been writing The Literate Lens, few events have screamed “blog post!” as loudly at me as the one I attended last night at Symphony Space, in which… 2,133 more words


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In service of writer-to-writer, artist-to-artist encouragement, this excerpt in particular inspired my reblogging. It contradicts the notion that daring or interesting life experiences are required to fuel good writing, and it reinforces a belief I have held that a structured environment can be the best home for beauty's thriving: "As Mann herself said—riffing on Flaubert—'You should have an ordinary and organized life so that you can be extraordinary and original and outrageous in your creative life.' (Admission: I didn’t know this Flaubert quote, and, as a fiction writer with a very ordinary and organized life, found it enormously comforting.)"