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I just like weeds (I may have said that before!)

Need I say more? ┬áMy last photo from the Camberley Recreation Ground – for the moment, anyway!


Time for a filter, I think!

I have definitely photographed this view far too many times, so, for this one, I am applying a filter to make the clouds a feature, instead of the hedge and grass…


Where have all the roses gone?

I have a vague memory that this area in the Recreation Ground used to be a rose garden – am I right?


Not a glamorous object!

I wonder if the damage on here was caused by vandals – or slugs?


This was once a plant nursery, I believe?

Before this land was sold to the council for a recreation ground, I believe it was a nursery – can anyone give me any more information?


Reprising the sunny Camberley Car Show in photos

A horrible rainy Monday, so here’s a photographic reprise of the lovely sunny day for the Camberley Car Show on Saturday to lift your spirits. .

Surrey Heath