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Woman Throws Acid On Ex For Breaking Up With Her, Ends Up Burning Herself

Jilted girlfriend suffers serious burns after trying to pour acid over her ex http://t.co/DLXsLMD7uP pic.twitter.com/NLGrpjWP6X

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) October 5, 2015


This literally might be one of the…

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Happy Place: Go With the Flow

They ain’t got much, but they have a river.

So what else do they really need for entertainment?

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What I reckon about Edu in Cambodia

To my understanding, education system in Cambodia has a lot of weaknesses. This causes a lot of problems to country’s human resource as well. Frankly speaking, Cambodia has rebuilt everything from 1979 as a tragic consequences of Pol Pot regime. 224 more words


It's Friday night, time for a quick Khmer lesson

The 2007 Law on Counter-Terrorism (‘ច្បាប់ ស្ដីពី ការប្រឆាំងនឹងភេរវកម្ម និង សេចក្ដីពន្យល់’) uses the term “ភេរវកម្ម” (भैरव कर्म, Bhairava Karma) for “terrorism”. The Sanskrit term “ភេរវ” (भैरव, Bhairava) literally means “terrible” or “frightful”, and therefore ភេរវកម្ម should literally mean “act which causes terror”.

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The first time I talk about poop

Last year I was in the Peace Corps and for some reason, when you’re in the Peace Corps, among other volunteers conversations about your bowel movements are pretty regular.   250 more words

Phnom Penh | Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng Museum & Temples

We arrived into Phnom Penh by high speed boat from Chau Doc.  It was a miserable journey I think mostly due to tiredness after our long, but awesome, day in the… 562 more words


Nature | Tbeng Mean Chey Waterfall ! (ខេត្តព្រះវិហារ)

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Tbeng Mean Chey Waterfall !

Tbeng Mean Chey mountain is one of holy mountain where located in Preah Vihea province and it is an amazing mountain which has a flat ground on the top of mountain, by the way I found this place during I got mission to Preah Vihea province on October 7th, 2015. 270 more words