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Chewing my way around Angkor Wat

It may one of the greatest temple complexes in the world and one of the finest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in existence, but there is a surprising amount of street food sold within the walls of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 437 more words

Street Food

Greg and Evi have a new business!

To use to defraud people, undoubtedly.


It looks like Greg’s keeping his name off it, perhaps because his scams are starting to catch up with him. 23 more words

At the Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chom Temple, Siem Reap

A group of musicians play at a temple dedicated to two Angkorian princesses in Siem Reap.


What to expect if you decide to do business with Greg and Evi

Greg and Evi thought they’d scam the Buddhist community in Luang Prabang, taking $18,000 to do construction work for them and trying to leave the country without finishing (or mostly even starting) it. 8 more words

The Visiting of Chi Phat

My dear friends Hailey and Tanya came to visit me in Cambodia for five nights. Their experience here was much different from most. We started in Phnom Penh, but then decided on a whim to visit the eco-tourism site Chi-Phat, located in the foothills of the Cardamom Mountains, in Koh Kong province. 737 more words

Corporate Drones And Worker Bees

Los Angeles, CA

Dear M,

Be happy that you are working and – from the text message trickles that I’ve received from you – love your work! 371 more words