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Week 37 : Ankor Wat (Cambodia)

This week we visited another West German restaurant visit as we have almost run out of local options. Ankor Wat is situated in Eastern Moabit which is supposed to be the new up and coming area in Berlin apparently. 310 more words

MPR PART I- Reflection and a Rooftop Pool


I have been a bit delayed in my blog writing for MPR last week and for that I would like to apologise. Being a vegetarian I assumed I would be safe from contracting illnesses through food but it seems some dodgy rice from a buffet restaurant may have been the culprit of my recent bout of food poisoning. 1,531 more words


Siem Reap

From Battambang we had our transfer to Siem Reap, the journey took about 4 hours and luckily the road wasn’t as bumpy this time. The motion sickness tablets were still on hand though! 960 more words


in fire
behind the mountain
perhaps twenty minutes before,
and now the world is pink calm
and darkening shadow,
the distant thud-thud-thud-thud… 128 more words


This Country Just Made It Legal for Cops to Keep 70% of All the Traffic Fines They Collect

Drivers in Cambodia have a lot to contend with: cavernous potholes, weaving motorcycles kicking up clouds of choking dust and noodle hawkers trundling down the “fast” lane. 263 more words

The Whitest Beaches in #Cambodia

You might not instantly conjure up images of endless white sand beaches when you think of Cambodia, but this breathtakingly beautiful country boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the region. 92 more words