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Cambodia's balancing act on bicycles

Bicycles are the most common form of transport in Cambodia and yet there aren’t enough of them. When the photo above was taken, in late 2005, the boy had been the victim of a cycle theft; a first at Savong’s School. 838 more words


Foreigners can help Cambodia by cleaning up their investments

One of the biggest social problems in Cambodia today is the relentless issue of land concessions to foreign (and some local,) owned companies who present the Government with grand plans of turning subsistence farm holdings into consolidated wealth-producing fields of rubber, palm-oil production or similar. 786 more words


Cambodia - opinion poll captures cautious public mood.

I have long been a fan of public opinion polls because they bring an often ignored voice – that of the public – to the attention of those in power. 626 more words


Malnutrition still a problem in Cambodia

For anyone who visits Cambodia regularly  there is a palpable sense, upon each visit,  that this troubled little nation is making rapid strides economically.  In 2004 I remember my motorcycle driver in Phnom Penh  taking me to see the most dazzling symbol of the modern age: Cambodia’s first escalator. 568 more words

Life In Cambodia

Is this Cambodia's most precious resource?

Every day hundreds of dump trucks, open topped Chinese vehicles that look they were inspired by Mongolian fortress design, ply the roads of Cambodia, delivering their mountains of cargo. 308 more words


A recent report in the Chinese newspaper: Global Times reports that Cambodia is experiencing good economic growth but a higher than expected inflation rate.

Cambodia’s inflation rate has accelerated to 2.9 percent in the first six months of the year, up from 1.8 percent over the same period last year, according to a report of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) on Wednesday.

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