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Camborne and Tehidy Country Park 19 April 2015

More beautiful weather across Cornwall. Photos from Camborne in west Cornwall and nearby Tehidy Country Park. The statue is of inventor Richard Trevithick.

Beating the Tories in Cornwall

This is the latest polling in Camborne & Redruth constituency. The polling was done by Lord Ashcroft, a Conservative peer, who has become one of the most thorough and reputable pollsters in the country, specialising in analysing seat by seat rather than a national swing. 33 more words


Cornwall is a place of natural beauty, and has been a great influence on my life as I was born and raised here. The stunning natural coastlines and enchanting woods, scream for their charm to be captured in one photo. 118 more words


our present day corner shop?

spotted today in Camborne, Cornwall, open most hours mostly a £1, says a lot – how times have changed – I am growing old ….


Camborne to become Cornwall's number one tourist destination!

Cornish tourist experts believe Camborne will be the hottest holiday destination this summer – when new hotels will be built in the town! Keith Curnow – head of the Tourist Committee, said “The town has a lot of potential and we really think it’s going to kick off in Camborne this summer! 324 more words


Dangerous “Cut and Shut” Pasties containing carrots are being sold in Camborne.

The Pasty Police have been hunting down a black market Pasty seller in Camborne who has been selling “Cut and Shut” Pasties. It is believed the organised criminal gang are operating from a mobile Pasty van in the area, called “The Pasty Wagon.” Head of the Pasty Police said “We had a member of the […]


Air quality concern in Truro

Air quality is Truro has declined to such an extent that Cornwall Council is considering special measures to improve it.

The initiative would require officials to monitor levels of air pollution and draw up an action plan. 48 more words

Air Quality