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The Mystical Island

March 25 – 26, 2017

Hello from the mystical island of the Philippines! This place was on my bucket list since I started traveling. When my Catalan friend was going back to Spain, she decided to spend her remaining vacation days here in the island, so , I had to go and spend more time with her. 675 more words


The Island of Fire - Siquijor 2017

Siquijor is the 3rd smallest island province in the Philippines. Commonly known to be associated with witchcraft and sorcery, tourists would normally have second thoughts visiting this wonderful place. 727 more words


I Have Been to Places

I can’t believe that has only been a year since I started this blog. To celebrate the first year aniversary of this blog, allow me to look back to memories from the previous year. 283 more words


Siquijor Island

Welcome to the land of Fire! In ancient times, the island was feared for its dark magic, sorcery and witchcraft. The same story has been featured on Tv Shows. 683 more words

Five Great Reasons to Explore Siquijor

There’s no doubt that the Philippines is a great place to visit and explore, if not to retire. This country is very rich in history, much richer in natural resources, and super rich in its human resources – its people,  the Filipinos! 458 more words


Siquijor, Finally

My heart was beating wildly, like it’s about to burst out of my chest. The 30L bag that I was carrying for two days suddenly became so heavy and my feet were shaking as if I had been in a major climb. 938 more words


Seek and you will find...

Funny how in the last few weeks of 2016, a surprise work assignment saved me from work fatigue in general. It wasn’t really a breather (it was work!) but it was still very fun and very much what I needed (water, spelunking, good food, new friends, new lessons, new opportunities). 58 more words