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Win Tickets for the Launch of Woodstock @ Proud Camden 27.07.2016

Woodstock by Baron Wolman 28th July – 11th September 2016

Mexican-American musician Carlos Satana and his band perform at the Woodstock Festival, Bethel, NY, August 1969. 580 more words


When everything looks normal, yet isn’t…

We bumped into a friend today who made an astute observation. ‘Nurse Fran’ asked after Shell (not unusual – most of our conversations at the moment are about her) and made the observation that for people who have had a stroke everything can appear normal to those who relate to them but for the individual, … 739 more words


Street Art #125

A small selection of art from Camden this week.  I took the photos back in February and we were just passing through in the van – I pulled over to quickly take the pictures but didn’t pay proper attention to where I was!  17 more words


Photo Essay: Camden Street Art Locations

I first discovered Camden Town, London when I was 15 years old.  To me it was always the place to go for good music, the cool markets, shop fronts with giant objects (such as shoes) exploding from the walls and walking through crowds of punks and goths, to my ‘skater girl’ self, I was in my element!   396 more words

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