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Why was John Charles de Menenzes really shot and killed by police at the UK’s Stockwell tube station on July 22 2005? Cop Cressida Dick ran the operation where this death took place, and has now risen to boss of UK police – how come if an innocent man was shot + killed by police with her running the op? 129 more words

#FridayFantasy - Fragility

At first Touch

Her Fragility Reached out to him,

Transforming every measure

Of his Strength

Into Weakness;

Beguiling his Senses

Until the Warrior stood… 21 more words


Camelot in Blender

Usually when modeling a character in Blender you need a straight-on front picture and a straight-on side picture. It was difficult though taking a picture of a cat that always is looking at me, sleeping on my lap, or looking like he is plotting to kill you.  70 more words


The Mists of Avalon

The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley

I missed this book when first published in 1983, and missed the TNT miniseries made of it in 2001. 791 more words

Holiday Read #6 'The Final Raven,' by Finian Black, cover by Ed Bettison.

A plague is spreading across modern day Britain. People and birds are dying. Legend has it, if the ravens leave the Tower of London, the kingdom will fall. 137 more words


Your stone-

Like fallen soldiers,

Lost heroes-

Lies in dismay:

Dislodged from home

And yet sitting in your shadow.

Others, raped,

Nestle against grey stones walls… 73 more words

Road Trip

Eclipses and Eggs---a Bionic Knight No More

The ring box felt alien.

It probably felt alien in the palm of his hand because what it contained he was used to wearing, not holding, but since his return he deemed himself unworthy. 580 more words

Bionic Knight