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King Arthur – ‘The King that was and the King that Shall Be’

King Arthur is the subject of many legends and stories that have survived throughout the ages. The king became an influential leader during his reign in the 5th century, gaining the title ‘The One True King of the Britons.’ This was because the kingdom he left behind believed that he would return to defend the country whenever it needed him. 427 more words

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Tintagel, Cornwall. The Dark Ages: King Arthur and most of the rest of the Knights of the Round Table are in Newquay for Sir Percival’s stag night. 1,058 more words

My Quest for Camelot

A blind man following his dreams to be a knight, a young woman pursuing the legacy of her father, and a journey that intertwined the two to thwart an evil man’s plan is all it took to make four year old, plastic sword welding Nathan entranced. 2,539 more words

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