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Hiding In Fear Behind A Wall Of Cameras

For years, this was me.

Hiding behind my wall of cameras, eternally testing and trying the latest vintage beauty I’d stumbled across.

Constantly, guiltily, looking over my shoulder at the growing mass of bodies and lenses sprawled across shelves and buried in boxes. 371 more words


Camera Collection Reboot - Which Three Would You Choose?

recent post on JimGrey’s blog got me thinking…

So many of us have built up a bigger collection of cameras than we intended to – or will ever use – and are struggling to whittle them back down to a manageable size again. 368 more words


My Camera Collection

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing about camera’s. I’ve bought them, acquired them and collected them for years. One of my fave ones was actually a free one I got with a Happy Meal when I was a kid; it was pink, had tiger stripes on it, and it was small enough to fit in my pocket – I took many pictures with it and I’m sure, somewhere, I have the negatives saved. 729 more words


New Camera and new looks in the city.

I can’t remember how young I was when I got my first camera but I’ve certainly gathered a lot over the years and have never been quite able to part with them, apart from the odd instamatic that probably fell to pieces. 799 more words


Fun with Fuji's K-28 "Construction Camera"

Here’s a camera you don’t see often – maybe never – Fuji Photo Film Japan’s Fuji K-28. A waterproof and dust/dirtproof 35mm compact camera. Designed for rugged use like on a jobsite or in the rain. 414 more words

Classic Film Cameras